Our natural bamboo fibers are what give your Free Fly pieces that buttery soft feel. Proper care will help you prolong your favorite Free Fly product's life.

If your pieces are new, make sure you try them on before washing. If it doesn't fit, our exchanges are free, but once washed it can no longer be returned. (If you purchased something in our Breathe Material it should have a loose, relaxed fit before wash and can be expected to shrink about a half size after the first wash).

To help you out, our team put together a few quick pro tips to guide you in keeping your Free Fly product fresh and soft no matter the activities that you put it through. 

Wash Cold

Once you have the right fit, be sure to wash your Free Fly pieces in cold water with like colors. Just like the bamboo gear keeps you cool when wearing it, keep it cool when washing it. Turn your garment inside out and machine wash on cold, delicate cycle with like colors. This gear can hang for all your activities but it needs a gentle touch when washed. Keep it soft by avoiding washing with heavy items such as jeans and towels.

Hang Dry

Then hang dry it. It's quick dry so it'll dry fast. 

But if that's not your thing, tumble dry inside out on delicate low heat. Still avoid pairing it with heavier and rough items. This will keep your garment looking good AND reduce your energy use. We love those win-wins! 

Get Back Out There

Throw it back on and get back outdoors. Our bamboo blends are designed to keep you comfortable for those long days wading creeks, casting flies, and exploring the unknown. Be sure to tag @freeflyapparel so we can follow along on where you take your gear. We love following your adventures and following these simple steps will extend the life of your garment.


We're here to help. Reach out us at info@freeflyapparel.com or the ? button in the bottom right corner of our website to chat during our office hours.