Our Spring ‘22 collection is all about what’s on the horizon — the feeling of possibility, and exciting new adventures. This season we’re pushing boundaries by introducing our first-ever Women’s Swimwear in collaboration with Citrine Swim. We sat down with two of our leads, McKenzie, Women's Product Line Manager, and Courtney, Graphic Designer, to discuss our new limited-edition swim collab.




Why Citrine?

MT: We’ve always been big fans of what Citrine has built. They have sort of a cult-like following in the southeast and when we thought of swim they were the only option. Their brand presence, women’s fit, and designs are unmatched. They are also female-owned, local to Charleston, and just good people.

How do they align with our brand?

MT: Warm and comforting, energizing, and life-giving — these are the properties that Citrine has built a brand on. They have created a line blending super-soft fabrics, seamless fits, and inspired designs. We resonate with the soft and comfortable fabrics that are used in their products and the aspiration of spending the day in the sun doing what you love and not being held back by what you’re wearing.


What makes their swimwear different?

MT: The soft fabrics, unique silhouettes, and amazing patterns and textures are ultra-comfortable in and out of the water. Citrine is designed with the idea of fusing Southeastern roots with Hawaiian influences so there’s something for everyone.



What inspired the print design?

CH: As we began designing La Playa print top and bottom, we drew from the excitement of warmer weather ahead and time spent on the coast. We developed the print using organic splashes of color that reference the fluid movement of the waves and bent palm trees hanging over the beach. Our aim was to showcase the energy of the spring and summer seasons while staying true to our core principles of simple, light designs inspired by the scenery around us here in the Lowcountry.

Why these colors?

CH: We knew we wanted to offer two colorways — one classic, solid blue top and bottom inspired by coastal waters, as well as one energetic, tropical pattern that’s warm with inviting hues from the sun. We felt like these two colorways complement each other nicely. As a collection, we wanted to deliver swimwear that encourages you to get out there and follow your horizon.