Throw a Free Fly piece on and head out. We have you covered for days in the summer sun paddling through the mangroves and stripping streamers on the flats. Days of searching for unridden clean waves and lounging on desolate palm tree lined beaches. Beer in hand, feet in the sand, Free Fly on — ah, that's the good stuff right there. 

All of our Free Fly bamboo fiber clothing pieces are designed with sun protection in mind to keep you safer while searching for permit longer and running your skiff farther. We take the worries of getting sunburnt away and clear your mind to focus on what really matters in the moment: the strip, the drop in, and the top out.



Fun fact time: All of our bamboo gear offers UPF protection (not just the pieces listed below). You may be wondering WTF is UPF? Well, UPF is a standard use to measure effectiveness of sun protective fabrics. SPF is a standard used to measure effectives of sunscreens. 

Our UPF protection is provided by the weave and color of the bamboo fabric and each piece is tested and rated by clinical laboratories. Because it's built into the shirts naturally by the bamboo fabric, it won't wash out or lower in protection over time like a shirt treated with chemical protection would. With built in natural UV protection and no chemical additives — each piece of our bamboo gear is engineered to keep you comfortable, cooler, and outside longer for when the surf and fish are really starting to go off.

With summertime hometown flats fishing and far away bonefish missions on the horizon, we've rounded up 4 of our favorite, dependable, and adventure seeking sun protection pieces.


Men's Lightweight Long Sleeve

Headed out for untouched flats, the Lightweight Long Sleeve is as dependable as your go-to tarpon toad. The shirt that started the Free Fly brand is engineered with 20 UPF sun protection and is the ultimate blend of comfort and performance. 


Men's Lightweight Hoody

Our Lightweight Hoody keeps our ambassadors, flats captains, and river guides covered all across the globe. Whether you're in search of gray ghosts or running a wild river, the Lightweight Hoody is designed with 20 UPF sun protection to keep you cool, covered, and ready for whatever swims around the next corner. Shop our men's sun protection hoodie today!


Women's Weekender Long Sleeve

If you're headed out for a day of surfing or fishing, the last thing you want to hold you back is being sunburnt. Our Women's Weekender Long Sleeve features 40 UPF sun protection and is built to move, protect, and perform. If long sleeve is too warm for the climate you're in, try our women's racerback tank! It's lightweight and quick drying so you can enjoy all outdoor activities and not have to worry about breaking a sweat.


Women's Shade Hoody

It happens. You stay out all day on the boat in search for permit. You paddle a few more miles than you told yourself. You leave your sunscreen in the truck. Our Women's Shade Hoody is engineered with 50+ UPF sun protection to keep you on the water so you can fish longer and paddle further. 


Know before you roam:

While our UPF is similar to SPF, additional sunscreen may be needed for long periods of sun exposure. Our UV protection apparel is not to be a complete replacement for sunscreen. Don't forget uncovered areas too, like hands and feet!

Guide tip: Throw a buff on to keep your face shielded from the sun and protected from bugs.