From the Caribbean to the San Juans, we've rounded up a few of our favorite warm weather destinations to chase fish, hike off the grid, and get lost on desolate beaches. Between wet wading for bonefish, casting dry flies at sipping rainbows, and tramping through off-the-beaten path surf towns, there is certainly something for everyone on this list. This summer, if you're seeking a new getaway consider these 7 bucketlist worthy destinations — we'll certainly see you out there. 


1. Abacos, Bahamas

Located in the Northern Bahamas, this 120-mile long chain of islands is a fishing and boating paradise that often gets passed over for other destinations in the Caribbean. A place where nothing feels rushed, the Abacos offer beautiful turquoise flats, shallow sandbars, island villages locked in time, wildlife filled aquatic mangrove forests, and one of the largest barrier reefs in the Western Hemisphere.

Packing tips: Bring your salt rig, your snorkel, and your Men's Lightweight Long Sleeve or Women's Weekender Long Sleeve


2. Islamorada, Florida

When summer arrives in Islamorada, so does great backcountry tarpon fishing. Generally the winds will have subsided, there are no more cold fronts, and the conditions stay relatively the same day in, day out; which means more predicable patterns and better fishing. 

Gear up for the boat: Men's Lightweight Hoody or the Women's Breeze Shorts.


3. North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Want to visit the most historic surfing destination in the world? How about snack on the best poké bowls you ever had? Look no further than the legendary North Shore Oahu. Home to the legendary “Banzai Pipe line” and “Waimea Bay”, the heaviest and gnarliest surf breaks in the world. Catch one wave at either beach and it can make or break an entire career. Watch the world’s best get barreled at Pipe in the afternoon, then brush shoulders with them at the local sushi joints that evening. Surfing’s not your thing? Minutes from the beach are the most breathtaking hikes you’ve ever seen that overlook the entire North Shore


4. Pavones, Costa Rica

We all love summer time in the Lowcountry, but as a surfer you know that can also translate to weeks without a bump on the Atlantic. But in Costa Rica, it's south swell season. Most of the Pacific Coast of Costa works with a south swell; but especially Pavones, claimed to be the second longest left in the world. Paired with your typical small, dirt road surf town, Pavones is one of our favorite summer time get aways.


5. Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman, Montana has something for every outdoor enthusiast in the summer months. Some favorite activities include whitewater rafting down the Bear Trap Canyon, throwing dry flies at sipping rainbows on the Gallatin River, taking a dip in a local hot spring, or checking out a nearby local rodeo. Not to mention a eclectic downtown dining/shopping scene, it’s a must-visit summer town!

Rockies musts: Women's Breeze Pants for covering up for mosquitos and sunshine. Men's MidweightHoody for cool mornings. 



6. Cape Cod, 

One of the United States' dream destination's for summer fly fishing is targeting false albacore on Cape Cod. Late August is a beautiful time of year to visit New England and there's nothing like getting into a school of crashing albies. Best way to cap off the day is with a tired arm and a delicious mudslide. 

Boat Necessities: Men's Breeze Shorts or Women's Breeze Shorts


7. Telluride, Colorado

Tucked deep into the rugged San Juan Mountains, Telluride is one of the country's premiere outdoor destinations. Come summer time, the mountain town affords world-class high elevation alpine hiking, epic mountain biking, and backyard fly fishing on the San Miguel. Hit it up in late June during the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and you're bound for a time of a lifetime.

Don't Forget to Bring: the Low Tide Snapback and one of our Polar Fleeces for cool crisp mountain mornings cruising up the Gondola to the Mountain Village.