Responsibly Made

Designed in the US and responsibly made in China, Vietnam, El Salvador and select areas around the world. We ensure that our products are created ethically—with people and the environment at the forefront. All our suppliers are required to acknowledge and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct and must adhere to our Restricted Substance List.


Our bamboo is Organic certified and FSC certified.

Thanks to its rapid growth, bamboo sequesters carbon as it grows and helps clean the air that we breathe.

Material Imact

Outside of the many performance benefits—the bamboo harvested to ultimately help create our fabrics uses no pesticides, no irrigation, and is renewable. Our goal is to continue to prioritize plant-based materials and eco-processes.

Path to Sustainability

Lotus' are used as a natural water filtration system at select factories.

Reduce More

We are already taking action to transition all paper packaging to recycled materials and reducing all unnecessary waste. We’re working towards reducing our impact by integrating more earth-friendly materials and minimize our footprint. By 2022, we commit to launch a more sustainable poly bag, but this is just the beginning.

Want to spread the good vibes? We now offer a 100% organic-cotton, reusable gift bag.

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Discover our story and all the things we support: adventure, travel, food, family, Lowcountry life, conservation and of course all things water.

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