It's hard to believe we're already a month into the Wave Makers Club. Everyday this crew is out there making waves through their own personal stories, a healthy work-life balance, the outdoor activities they do, and the positive impacts their making in their communities. While juggling full time jobs, starting businesses, keeping up with college classes, and supporting families — the Wave Makers still find time to get out, do good, and enjoy the great outdoors. It's truly some inspiring stuff and everyday at the office, we love seeing and sharing their stories with the goal to motivate more people to make waves in their lives — big or small. 

For this April's Dispatch of the Wave Makers Club, we rounded up some recent highlights from the Wave Makers to share with you. Scroll on to read to see how this group of Wave Makers are making waves in their lives. 


Melissa Millett

I'm currently pursuing my own small business, which will provide educational tours of my local area via paddle board. In addition, we'll be doing SUP yoga and fishing trips as well.  


Brent Dills

Volunteering doing reef construction with Charleston Waterkeeper. 


John Murphy

Mentoring and encouraging high schoolers to get involved in the outdoors. 


Kayla Dickenson

As a committee member for my Trout Unlimited local chapter, I will be working with women in the area to get them exposed to fly fishing.



Jesse Pinkman

Gearing up to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail. 


Nelson Mills

I'm working to properly manage and mitigate impacts to our wetland systems. When I'm not working with wetland systems, I find myself traveling to play in them. 


Karrie Comeau

I just opened up my own yoga studio 3 months ago in the Lowcountry, which has been a roller coaster as most of new business owners can tell you.


Jonathan Gerdes

Currently, I'm working on wildlife cleanup efforts in Southern California, which is my fourth fire response cleanup effort. 


Amanda Krpan

I work for CCA Florida and I'm using my position to put on a state wide trash tournament. It's going to run like a fishing tournament, but instead of weighing in fish, people will weigh in trash! 


McKenzie Myers

Working as a whitewater raft guide in Jackson. I love engaging clients with discussions on the looming western water crisis, public land protection, grizzly bear hunts, or even just what kind of trees were seeing. 


Logan Jenkins

I recently quit my job for a humble life in the jungle. A good friend of mine and I are starting a spearfishing and sport fishing company. 


Emma Hollrah

I'm a product designer with a passion for the outdoors. I combine my passion for fishing with my design work in a way that shows compassion with the goal to better lives. 


Jeff Paradise

I'm running several ultramarathons and hopefully motivate people to become more active, all while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 


Anastasia Klopfenstein

Fly fishing in Colorado is my passion. We fish anything from the Dream Stream South Platte, Cheesman Canyon, Frying Pan, the Eagle, and so much more. I travel often for work and always bring my fly rod in hand. 


Taylor Allen 

I'm getting involved with local conservation programs such as Cahaba River Keepers and Coosa River Keepers to help promote clean local waters here in Alabama. 


Jordan Gray

The 9-5 is the means for the weekend warrior lifestyle. Whether it's hunting, fishing, or just good times with friends, a weekend outside is a must. 


Kyle Papy

I'm a graduating college student with a passion for the outdoors, especially the water. With a degree in political science and my love for the outdoors, I plan to pursue law to protect our natural resources. 


Rebecca Spitz

During the week, I'm a Special Education teacher in NYC. On the weekends, I'm an adaptive ski instructor. There's no greater feeling than helping others succeed.