Introducing the Fur Fly Crew of 2021! Our pups have been vital over these last few years and deserve a shoutout along with an unlimited amount of bell rubs. These fluffy finalists come from all over the country and spend their days on the boat, kissing fish, chasing tennis balls, snoozing in odd places, and swiping snacks. Read on to meet the crew! Photo above by Bre Drake



Name: Burton

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Home: Colorado 

Human: Tara

Favorite Activities: Loves camping, hammocking, hiking, fishing, rafting, playing in the snow, and getting endless pets.



Name: Tallulah

Breed: Great Pyrenees Aussie Shepherd Mix

Home: South Carolina 

Human: Tanner and Becca 

Favorite Activities: Her favorite activities include wading in any body of water, snacking, and any adventure that includes snacks. Did we mention snacks?



Name: Koda

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Home: Florida

Human: Cory

Favorite Activities: Koda loves fishing, hiking, rafting, playing with our horse, and just being outside. 



Name: Rose

Breed: American Black Lab

Home: Virginia Beach

Human: Endicott

Favorite Activities: She loves everything outdoors! Beach days, boat days, fishing adventures and hunting in the marsh are her all-time favorites. She's a bird chasin, minnow huntin, crab pinchin good time. 



Name: Jack

Breed: Yellow English Lab

Home: Montana

Human: Megan

Favorite Activities: Jack loves leading the charge into the Montana backcountry looking for cutthroat! He's young, but his activities are soon to include warning off bears, chasing pheasant, not digging holes in the backyard, and chasing mom's chickens around. 



Name: Cricket

Breed: Cockapoo

Home: South Carolina 

Human: Emily 

Favorite Activities: Driving the boat, obviously. 



Name: Scout

Breed: English Shepherd

Home: Florida

Human: Jordan

Favorite Activities: Scout passes time by going on the boat, barking vigorously at jet skiers, chasing birds, and eating coconuts. 



Name: Hank

Breed: Boykin Spaniel

Home: Tennessee

Human: Adam

Favorite Activities: Hank loves swimming, hiking, kayaking, and yes licking fish.



Name: Jeter

Breed: Black Lab

Home: Louisiana

Human: Kendra 

Favorite Activities: Jeter enjoys being a duck dog during hunting season and spending his time off hiking, fishing, and swimming in the pool.



Name: Ahi Tuna

Breed: Husky Mix

Home: Colorado

Human: Lance

Favorite Activities: She enjoys sending days on the river, but will happily sneak in a snooze any chance she gets.