Sadly, many of us will be unable to visit our moms this year for Mother's Day. So we thought we would check in with our staff and ambassadors to get some ideas for making this day special from a distance. Read on to get some ideas from the team!


1. Support Local - Erin (FF Ambassador)  

Schedule a future fishing charter, or pick up a gift card from her favorite local restaurant!



2. Get Creative - Eric (FF Graphic Designer)

Send her something personalized (like a puzzle including her favorite furry child).



3. Drop Off a Care Package - George (FF Brand Manager) 

Put together some of her favorite things and leave them at her door.



4. Schedule a Food Delivery (Donuts) - Emma (FF Ecommerce Specialist) 

Have local food, including some sweets, sent right to her door!


5. Give Her a Call - Caroline (FF Ambassador)

We all know seeing you is what mom really wants. Spend some virtual time with her and make her day!