We packed up the new gear and headed west for some cooler air and a different fishery. Scroll on to check out our time in the mountains of North Carolina with the crew. 




Coffee First

Cool mountain air was a welcome change from the typical, muggy, Charleston climate. The day began on the cabin porch with some strong coffee and hopes of hungry fish. The conversation revolved around our favorite dry fly patterns as we set up rods and dug out leader from our packs. 




To maximize our time on the water, we met up with FF Ambassador and guide Harrison Beckwith of Brookings Anglers to check out some of his local mountain streams. We drove our way through winding roads slicing through the mountains until we found the trail and water we were looking for. The wading shoes went on, and the excitement built up.



Finding Fish

The low water proved to be a disadvantage, but as we warmed up our trout presentations, the fish became more receptive to our floating hooks. We climbed our way up the slippery rocks lining the river, and explored pool after pool with our lines. 



Reeling Up and Winding Down  

After a full day climbing over boulders and fooling fish, we settled down for a few drinks. All the stories from the day were recapped and naturally slightly embellished.