In the quiet, coastal town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, you’ll find the regional surf institution, Orion Surfboards, with roots going back to 1985. The company is still flourishing nearly 40 years later, with a focus on making and shaping boards for some of the best homegrown surfers in the world.



The company was founded by Greg Geiselman—once a pro surfer, former Olympic swimmer, and now father to a pair of pro surfer sons, Evan and Eric. Greg’s background as a former pro has certainly given him an edge when it comes to surfboard design—he’s shaped close to 40,000 boards to this day. Today he works closely with his sons on board designs to push their surfing to the next level.



While surfing runs deep in the Geiselman DNA, Greg raised his sons to love being on the water no matter the pursuit—whether on a board or on a boat. Free Fly Ambassador, Evan is just as much at home on the bow of a skiff with a fly rod in hand as he is chasing waves all over the world.


The father-son bond runs deep in this family, and time spent together pursuing shared passions has only strengthened the relationship between Greg and his sons. These days you can just as easily catch Greg and Evan scheming up new designs in the shop together, or paddling out into the lineup for a few hours before sunset.