There’s no better feeling than waking up in a new, exciting location with a day full of possibilities ahead. Getting ready for the adventures that will unfold, you’ll need gear to keep you comfortable from one stop to the next. Scroll down to see how our apparel seamlessly took us from sunrise to sunset in Costa Rica. 


1. Sunrise Session

We kicked things off with an early wave check. The 6 A.M. wake-up call proved worth it, as we were rewarded with clean waves and an empty lineup. 


2. Morning Stretch 

Our Costa Rican casa was complete with an open-air fitness studio looking out over the tree tops. After a quick breakfast of fruit and eggs, we grabbed some mats and got some much-needed, post-travel stretching in.


3. Afternoon Grocery Run

Around mid-day, we headed out on a successful fishing trip with local guides. Our patience paid off when we caught some snapper that was later served-up for dinner. 


4. Evening Trail Ride

That afternoon, we squeezed in a quick off-road excursion, grabbing some bikes and hitting the trails. We were pleasantly surprised when we landed in a rocky, remote area with a view over the water. 


5. Sunset Close Out

Ready to unwind, we served up some drinks by the pool and tried our hand at a local dish – Pescado Frito – using our red snapper, before heading to the beach to catch the sunset. A perfect wrap to the day.