Between long hours of sun bathing and constantly trolling the office for snacks, our office bulldog, Arnold can be pretty hard to chase down. But recently, we were able to lay down with the local office celebrity to hear his picks of the 2018 Fur Fly club. Ranging from his furry friends that spend glorious days on the boat kissing redfish, to fellow expert snack swipers, avid tennis ball chasers, and wave chasers -- read on to meet Arnold's round up of the 2018 Fur Fly club.


Name: Arnold the Free Fly office bulldog and official Fur Fly club president

Breed: Bulldog

Home: Mount Pleasant, SC

Activities: I enjoy checking out what my fellow fur fly friends are doing on Instagram and posting their photos on the Free Fly Instagram. I'm an ex-bathing suit model and today I'm just truly passionate about getting 3-4 hours a day of quality sun bathing time in our designer's office. And I live for the moments where I can steal ALL of the snacks in the office when our staff naively leaves me alone when they go out for team lunches. (Silly humans...) 

 Human: Austin and Jenna Elliot 


Name: Bay Forbes

Breed: Black Lab

Home: Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Activities: I enjoy long boat rides so my ears can flap in the wind. I like meeting new friends, and eating bait fish.

Human: Jenna Kaye Taylor


Name: Maverick

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Bluffton, SC

Activities: Obsessed with boating, fishing, and beach runs with my three siblings (also golden retrievers).

Human: Jesse Powell



Name: Huck

Breed: Boykin Spaniel

Home: Charleston, SC

Activities: I'm a big big fan of poling the skiff or driving. I love being the first to greet a redfish. Also, really loving duck hunting recently.

Human: Will Detwiler



Name: Sadie

Breed: Yellow Lab

Home: Charleston, SC

Activities: I’m all about kissing and releasing on tailing reds on the flat, exploring field trials, and picking up big green heads during the winter time.

Human: Scottie Powell


Name: Libby (Liberty)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Sparta, NC

Activties: I'm a professional ice cube cruncher and an unofficial sponsor of NC state parks. I'm 9 years young and still chasing tail :)

Human: Eva Bilo



Name: Peach

Breed: Chocolate Lab

Home: From Montana, currently living in Charleston, SC

Activities: I’m passionate about beef jerky, am an obsessive tennis ball chaser, and I demand a taste of every fish I encounter.

Human: Jackson Bland


Name: Mako

Breed: English Golden Retriever

Home: From Charleston, transplanted to Pensacola

Activities: I love boat rides, frolicking in mud puddles, long walks (runs) on the beach, and hanging out with my sister Anson.

Human: Scott Antonio



Name: Lola

Breed: Golden Doodle

Home: Russellville, KY

Activities: I love jumping in mud puddles, destroying toys, and chasing my chicken friends in the yard

Human: Hannah Myers



Name: Georgia Mae

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Savannah, GA

Activities: I'm a lover of fishing, duck hunting, and a recent new mom to 11 pups

Owner: Chad DuBose


Name: Chevrolet Hemi Wright aka Chevy and Diesel Rebel Wright aka Wiesel

Breed: German Shepherd aka German Shedder

Home: Key West, FL

Activities: Chevy: I love taking all the stuffing out of my toys and spreading through the house. I enjoy annoying my cat friend Daisy until she tries to claw my eyes out. I also enjoying chasing lizards in the backyard while destroying all my mom’s plants.

Diesel: I love to take the boat to the sandbar and watch the sunset, eat my mom’s underwear (she says my habit is getting expensive), and take long naps on the dock.

Human: Presley Wright



Name: Brodie

Breed: Wheaten Terrier Poodle mix (Whoodle)

Home: Grand Junction, CO

Activities: I love barking at fish on the fly, camping, and exploring new rivers!

Human: Matt Nelson


Drake Inline

Name: Drake

Breed: Chocolate Lab

Home: Charleston, SC

Activities: I love being in the line basket on the bow while poling the flats, chewing deer antlers, and being a dude with the dudes!

Human: Forrest Powell



Name: Finn

Breed: Yellow Lab

Home: Currently in Eastern Washington State at the Lake Cabin

Activities: I spend a lot of time on the water, napping on the boat, and riding in the back of the pick-up to greet the small-town locals.

Human: Jack McCunn


Name: Rhett

Breed: Red Heeler mix

Home: Waco, Texas

Activities: Passionate about chasing after squirrels and mountain bikes, swimming, and fetching sticks that are twice my size.

Human: Travis Neal


Name: Birdie

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Charleston, SC

Activities: I love going to the beach, swimming, and playing soccer!

Human: McKenzie Tate



Name: Cooper

Breed: Great Dane/Lab mix

Home: Longboat Key, FL

Activities: I like chasing birds on sandbars, going for rides on the paddleboard, and swimming at the beach.

Human: Matt Giordano 


Name: Ollie Crislip

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Charleston, SC

Activities: I enjoy playing fetch with my family, getting muddy and wet in: creeks, ponds, and oceans, and cuddling with my family at night after a long day of playing.

Human: Carol and Johnny Crislip



Name: Sheila

Breed: Blue Heeler mut

Home: Tahoe City, CA

Activities: I enjoy biking touring (snow or sunshine), backpacking in the Desolation Wilderness, and of course, morning snuggles.

Human: Bryn Merrell



Name: Kate

Breed: Golden Retriever rescue

Home: Clemson, SC

Activities: My favorite things to do are exploring the shorelines of Lake Hartwell, job shadowing my mom, and being a full time sun bum!

Human: Megan Cato



Name: Mitzi

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Home: Clemson, SC

Activities: I’m currently in my last semester at Clemson University. I don’t go to class, because my main job is to be a diabetic alert dog for my human. My favorite things to do are playing ball, getting tangled in fly fishing line, and counter surfing for beef jerky.

Human: Luke Varadi



Name: Fisher

Breed: Black Lab

Home: Kure Beach, NC but I bounce around North and South Carolina depending on dad’s work schedule

Activities: Playing fetch, fishing, and eating.

Human: Hammond Geis



Name: Tally and Kona

Breed: Black Lab and Old English Field Cocker

Home: Sarasota, FL

Activities: Fishing, swimming, exploring, running circles around the yard, and going for boat rides.

Human: Hannah Saffran


Name: Leidy

Breed: Bernaussie (Bernese Mtn Dog/Austalian Shepherd)

Home: Mount Pleasant, SC

Activities: I like soccer, swimming, and playing hide n' seek. 

Owner: Patricia Hoekstra


Name: Isla

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Virginia Beach, but I regularly make trips to Charleston or OBX

Activities: I love the beach and I can't stay out of the water whether I'm surfing or chasing seagulls. 

Human: Brendan Guthrie


Name: Paisley

Breed: Boykin

Home: Tallahassee, FL

Activities: I love qual hunting, sun bathing on the skiff, and belly rubs.

Human: Bryson Turner


Name: Huckleberry Finn, but I prefer Huck or Hucklebuck

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer with a beard to match

Home: Richmond, VA

Activities: I enjoy chasing anything with wings. Putting my beard in the wind (preferably on a boat), and long naps with my boys in the air...

Human: Clay Parrish


Name: Skip

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Deland, FL

Activities: I love to swipe snacks when no one's looking. My recent scores were an egg sandwich that was packed for mom's duck hunting trip, and a s'more from my 3 year old cousin. I also love to entertain. For snacks and tennis balls, I will high five, stand on my hind legs, "go to my place," play dead, and pose for mom's pictures. Finally, I love climbing into bed with mom 30 minutes before she has to get up for work. She loves that. 

Human: Bre Williams


Name: Ann

Breed: Golden Retriever

Home: Drake, SC

Activities: I love my job. I supervise my dad and uncle's skiff building operation between naps and puddle romps. I get paid in milk bones. I also love to cuddle more than any other dog in the whole wide world. Let me prove it. I love to be anywhere on the skiff where the chances of "accidentally" falling in the water are the highest. Dad falls for it every time. 

Human: Wilds Drake

Name: Taos

Breed: Black Lab

Home: Born in Arkansas, living in Greenville, SC

Activtites: Duck hunting dry fields, trout fishing, and hiking

Human: John Murphy