No need to franticly search for wrapping paper and ribbons, we did the thinking for you... plus it's good on 'ole mother earth. Here are 3 ways to wrap gifts by reducing, recycling and reusing, and with items you probably have lying around. 



The Twofer

Skip the wrapping paper. Double the gift, double the coolness. 

  1. Get a nice mug or cup (Hint: Yeti)
  2. Get a comfy shirt (Hint: bamboo)
  3. Fold Shirt, roll, stick in mug. Voila!
  4. Prepare for giftee to be impressed


Recycle Old Maps/Tide Charts

Years almost up... put your old maps and tide charts to good use with adventure wrapping paper. 


Reuse Your Free Fly Mailer 

For those that want to get creative, while being eco-friendly.

  1. Get your Free Fly kraft shipping mailer. (Careful not to rip it open)
  2. Cut along the long edge and bottom short edge to open it up into one big piece.
  3. Flip it over so the blank side is facing out.
  4. Place your gift (Hint: bamboo) in the center then fold in the sides to wrap it up.
  5. Now the fun part, get creative... (idea starters: add some nature, hand paint holiday designs... just to name a few)