Health is wealth. Our office bulldog Arnold really leads by example at the FF office. He takes breaks, he changes up his work day environment, he goes outside, and eats plenty of snacks. He's been such an inspiration and influence to how we structure our work days that we thought we'd share a few tips on the work life balance culture that he's implemented at the HQ. Scroll on to read more!

 Creating Healthy Work Life Balance


1. Get a Standing Desk

At Free Fly, we've seen sitting less and standing more. This is a great way to improve your productivity and health in the office space. While exercise is certainly the most effective way to burn calories quickly, simply choosing to stand instead of sitting can also be beneficial in many ways. And, if you're just getting started, we recommend splitting your time 50/50 between sitting and standing.



2. Bike to and From Work

Not always feasible for everyone, but biking to work is a great way to get in some extra exercise, collect your thoughts, and help put less pressure on the road and your team's parking lot.



3. Take a Lunch Walk or Run

A great way to break up the day, pencil in some exercise and vitamin D during your lunch break. Invite your co-workers as this is a great way to build team camaraderie and culture too!



4. Keep a Clean Desk and Office

A way we've learned to help with productivity in the office is keeping your workspace clean. Tidy up a few minutes before you leave everyday, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk, and even some sanitizer wipes to wipe down your keyboard and desk.



5. Take Breaks

There can be a concern that taking breaks can often take away from work time, but the idea here is by taking breaks, you actually re-energize, and then become more productive when you return. Pro-tip: schedule a break time with a co-worker and learn something new about each other's life or skill sets.




6. Eat Healthy Snacks, Drink Water, and Monitor Your Caffeine Intake

Just like working out or running a marathon, it's important to properly fuel yourself during a work day. When I'm running a long distance race, I'm eating and drinking every hour and I apply this practice to my work day as well. Plus, by frequently drinking water, it will give you a good reason to get up from your desk on a regular cadence.



7. Take Your Lunch Outside

Break up your environment and take your lunch outside. It's said that just spending 30 minutes outside a day will heighten your physical, mental, and psychological health. RX Outdoors is a real thing!



8. Relax and Manage Stress Levels

We're lucky to work in the outdoor industry and constantly remind ourselves that. At the end of the day, we're promoting awesome activities and talking about places that our products thrive in. We're surrounded by inspiring imagery and constantly have ambassadors walk through the door. Even on the long days, it's important to take a step back and keep things in perspective.



9. Treat Your Office Like Your Home

Do you like dirty dishes in your own sink? Well, neither does your office. Do you like cool lamps and chairs in your house? Well, so does your office. Inspire your co-workers and the people that walk through your door by taking the time to design a really cool office experience and space that includes furniture, photography, and constant reminders of mission and why we're doing this.