One of our favorite unofficial Free Fly traditions is toting along the ol' Polaroid camera when we travel. Some of our favorite moments are captured when we're just messing around. Since the last thing people want to hear when you get back from a trip is, "you just had to be there", here's a look at some of our favorite behind the scenes moments.

Inspecting our ride to the islands. Plenty big enough for our crew and an endless pile of camera cases and fishing gear.


Overall we had a smooth ride in - checking out our playground for the week.  

Connor hops off the plane and into the snorkel. Oh yea, and rum..


Josh, Anna, and Paul taking a little break to cool off.


Josh taking a leap off the skiff into a 30+ foot deep blue hole in the middle of a flat. 


Anna and Coco showing off some of the fresh local lunch menu.


The fleet of skiffs for the week.


Permit catching bets were made and won/lost. That meant Paul got to add a little flare to Connor's mullet - racing stripes it is. (We think they turned out pretty nice..)


A beautiful morning in Crooked Island. If you look close you can see the Bird Rock Lighthouse, exactly 1 NM off the Northwest point of Crooked Island.


Not sure what else can be said about this one but good times with a great crew. Can't wait for the next one!

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