Over the past few seasons, active shorts have become a vital part of what we do here at Free Fly. Thanks to the support of our FF family, we have continued to add new colors, pulling inspiration from the coastal hues native to our SC hometown. When designing the SP21 Homewaters Collection, however, we wanted to push the boundaries a little further...enter the Tidewater Print. Inspired by the tidal waterways we call home, the Tidewater Print is our first ever pattern launching in multiple colorways across men's & women's active shorts.

In an effort to create a unique print that truly represents the freedom lifestyle, we turned to the reoccurring patterns we notice in our waterways as a starting point. From the movement of the tides to the light that reflects off the water's surface, we had plenty of visual inspiration to pull from.


Visual Inspiration


We kicked off the design process with tons of sketches - testing out different textures, line weights, and shapes. Translating the motion of tidewaters into a print was not an easy feat. But through multiple rounds of refinement and a lot of trial and error, the Tidewater Print was born.

Scroll on to see the print in action.


Men's Breeze Short in the Dusk Tidewater Print Women's Swell Short in Reef Tidewater Print

Women's Tidewater Swell Short and Men's Tidewater Breeze Short in Black

Women's Tidewater Breeze Shorts in Black

Rising Tides Tee and Tidewaters Tee

Rising Tides Tee