Being cold or uncomfortable shouldn't hold you back from the activities you love to do and the places you enjoy recreating in. Designed by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, we created the trusty Crossover Hoody with your passions, favorite activities, and performance top of mind. 

Inspired by our best selling Lightweight Hoody, the Crossover Hoody is the latest edition to your colder-weather performance activity kit, whether it may be early mornings running the boat to your favorite flat or afternoon hikes after a day fishing your favorite mountain stream. 

Read on to learn three reasons why you shouldn't leave home for a day outdoors this fall without your Crossover Hoody. 


Crossover Hood and Thumbhole Construction

The Crossover's hood's construction gives you the protection you need to face the elements, whether it may be the mid-day sun while exposed on a flat or blocking the high alpine mountain wind that comes ripping down on you when fishing a lake. The thumbholes come in clutch with keeping a nice tight fit throughout the day and protect your hands while casting, poling a skiff, or hiking up a trail. 



Four-Way Stretch for Mobility

Fish in the ocean are constantly on the move and very rarely stay in one place and so you should have the stretch and mobility to keep up. It's those decisive moments that often turn a great trip into a trip of a lifetime. The Crossover is engineered using our Bamboo Move Series. This year-around performing fabric blends viscose from bamboo fibers with a mix of quick dry and stretch material for added motion and coverage whether you're double hauling a fly to reach fish through the wind or throwing a casting net.

Extra Plus: The Crossover packs down really well for travel or in your pack / dry bag. 



50+ Sun Protection

We understand that the best days are often the biggest and longest days spent outside and under the sun. Days spent racking up miles of hiking in the mountains or spent searching for fish. The 50+ UPF protects your skin while hiking along a scree field at 12,000' or scanning a Lowcountry mud flat for a redfish warming up under the midday sun. 

Pro-Tip: pair with our men’s Nomad Pants and Bamboo Boxers and you can focus more on the fish you’re searching for, the line your managing, and less about what to wear on those early morning dawn patrol starts.