When the tourists are away, the locals play. We pulled some hometown inspiration for this year's accessory collection that includes awesome new hats and tees. This collection is all about the times when the crowds leave. The town shifts back to being a little bit more local. And we get to do what we love: cold water surfing, cruising through the backcountry flats, and chasing redfish.

Topo Tailer


When chasing reds around the Lowcountry, there is nothing more important than knowing your waterways like you know yourself. Topo Tailer represents the elusive chase that keeps us coming back time after time.

Featuring the:

  • Topo Tailer Cord Snapback
  • Topo Tailer Snapback
  • Topo Tailer Tee



There’s nothing more exciting than chucking feathers to weary redfish in the marsh. The Swimmer design represents our custom fly pattern that will hopefully be swimming towards plenty of redfish this year.

Featuring the:

  • Swimmer Snapback
  • Swimmer Tee



Inspired by estuaries that sit between Charleston and it’s Barrier Island, the Backcountry design pays homage to this area and the joy of rolling up on a flat to find a school of happy Reds in the grass.

Featuring the:

  • Backcountry Tee

Double Up


When two waves combine to form on, it doubles in energy. They might not be the easiest waves to ride, but it’s all about taking what the ocean gives you and making the most of it.

Featuring the:

  • Double Up Tee
  • Double Up Snapback