2021 is coming to a close just as quickly as it arrived, but we couldn't let it end without giving a nod the people who make our Free Fly world go-round – our customers. When thinking about how we wanted to highlight such an awesome network of individuals, it dawned on us: the most notable way we stay connected to y’all is through the comments, reviews and testimonials you share. And lucky for us, many of them are quite amusing.

We've always known that our customers are loyal, adventurous, dynamic people, but your comedic talent came as a pleasant surprise. Thanks for filling our year with valuable feedback, epic stories and, most memorably, lots of laughs. Keep scrolling to check out the top 7 entertaining reviews from 2021 (in no particular order):

  1. The Serial Shopper...on Thin Ice
    “I just wanted you all to know how incredibly angry I am at everyone that works for this company. I can't stop purchasing your products and I love it so much. My wife hates me for buying all these clothes and unfortunately I'm testing the strength of my marriage by ordering more and more. I am mad because I was not aware of how soft the material actually was. Now I know and I'm hooked. When my wife divorces me over this, I hope you all have a couch for me.

  2. The Innovative Husband
    “Wife loves it. Fall isn’t in Texas yet, but I turned the AC down so wife can wear this and pretend. Super soft and fits great.”

  3. The Male Model

    “I have tried every brand of fishing shirt on the market and everything out there makes me feel self conscious about my body image. I am so grateful that I discovered Free Fly because I can finally wear a comfortable product that makes me look good and feel even better. Thank you for helping me rediscover my self confidence and sense of worth in this crazy world.”

  4. The (Much-Appreciated) Exaggerator
    “I have only ordered shorts and pants but decided to gamble and take a journey into the fleece side. When the vest showed up I just threw it on not expecting much but let me tell you as soon as I zipped it up it was like getting a warm embrace from an angel that had been sitting next to a campfire. So soft. So warm. So comfortable. If I didn’t just get one...who am I kidding I will probably order another soon.”

  5. The *Extremely* Hype "Hood Rat"

    "Honestly, I never do this. As a lifelong firefighter, surfer, rafter, skier, adventurer, the gear I own has to f***ing work. I’ve been head to toe in your s*** for 3-4 years now and have zero interest in going back to anything different. Thanks for making gangster s***. My entire crew (E71/M71/BC71 TFD) wears free fly day in, day out. My daughter wears it on 21 day Grand Canyon missions or deep into Baja surf trips. It is literally the only thing I put on if I can. Thanks for making s*** for hood rat adventurers."

  6. The Sexy Old Guy
    "I'm an old guy (61) with very sexy (no, really!) but somewhat spindly legs. My daughter bought me a tee shirt and shorts; I love the fabric and bought a polo and long sleeve tee. I returned the shorts because an 8" inseam is for guys who are even younger and sexier than I am, if you can possibly imagine such a thing.”

  7. The (Unofficially) Sponsored Dads

    "Thought you guys would enjoy this pic: me and my brother-in-law ended up having our kids on the same day at the same hospital. We joked the births we sponsored by Free Fly."