When you’re out on the water for hours at a time, a properly planned boat snack is mission critical. Doesn’t matter if the fish are biting—if you’re out there starving, or worse, stuck with a stale box of Triscuits… attitudes go south pretty quickly. So we spoke to some certified experts on the matter and chatted with 19 individual guides about what their go-to boat snack looks like. Turns out, everyone’s got strong opinions. So below we’ve rounded up some of the saltiest, sweetest, most classic, and weirdest snacks on the menu.


What the Pros Pack


Kirk Marks 
Best snack: Venison backstrap with cilantro and lime.

Capt. Forrest Powell
Best snack: Hot peanuts, snickers, and natty.


Kara M.
Best snack: I’ve always got an apple and beef jerky in my tackle bag.


Arianna Roupinian
Drift boat snack: Hot cheetos and a sandwich.
Skiff snack: Salty chips followed by something sweet of the chocolate variety.

Colton Schofield
Best snack: Cookies.

Brianna Taylor 
Best snack: Uncrustables, nerds gummy clusters, and charcuterie board if I’m feeling fancy.

Alex Delvecchio
Best snack: Melted chocolate Hostess frosted donuts.

Christina Legutki   
Best snack: Goldfish.

Jamie Connell
Best snack: Fruit or protein bar. Just something I can eat quickly.

Baker bishop
Best snack: Hardboiled eggs and string cheese.

Alec Lucas
Best snack: Sun dried mangos

Nick Halle 
Best snack: It's a rare day I don't have sour gummy worms in the boat.

Melissa Ceren
Best snack: Jerky. It’s high in protein.

Best snack: Sour gummy worms.

Rae Albert
Best snack: Cheese itzzzz.

Best snack: Ranch doritos and hummus, plus something sweet on the side.


Bre Drake 
Best snack: Salt n' Vinegar Chips


Best snack: Trail mix.

Chloe Mikles
Best snack: Stacy's Pita Chips—the cinnamon ones are perfect for mid-morning when you've been up so long it already feels like lunch!