If you’re familiar with the spicy, salty, Tajin-rimmed goodness that is the Mexican Ashtray, then “salud!” It’s probably time to grab another round. But if you’re new to this savory, beer-based beverage, you’re about to learn how to make one of the easiest, flavor-packed drinks out there—and a solid addition to your home bar menu. 

If you’re big on Bloody Marias or Micheladas, you’ll dig this Mexican Ashtray. It’s got a lot of the same ingredients—hot sauce, lime, salt, spices—but it’s about as low effort as you can get. 


  • 12 oz. can of your favorite Mexican lager. We love a classic Modelo or Tecate.
  • Tajin chili lime seasoning. (Pro tip: If you don’t have some already, stock up. It’s good on mango, popcorn, steak, beer… honestly, everything.)
  • ½ oz. hot sauce. We like Valentina, but Cholula or Tapatio are great too. 
  • A couple lime wedges.
  • Optional: 1 oz. mezcal for a hint of smoky flavor. 400 Conejos has some award-winning options to choose from.


  1. Crack open your beer and take a big sip
  2. Add hot sauce, optional mezcal, and a squeeze of lime (to taste)
  3. Use your thumb (or a lime wedge) to cover the opening, and gently swirl to mix
  4. Run the lime around the rim and pop into the opening
  5. Coat rim with as much Tajin as your tastebuds can handle

Easy, delicious, and super portable. The ingredients don’t take up much space at all, and pack easily into a cooler for beach days, picnics, or your next big taco night. Enjoy!