Wave • Maker - Noun. (plural wave makers) An individual who challenges the status quo, carves their own path and creates positive impact in the world. (adventurer, pioneer, opportunist).

Free Fly began with a dream to challenge the norms of the outdoor clothing industry and to inspire people to live a more comfortable simple life. Over the course of the past 8 years, our vision has transformed into something bigger than a comfortable shirt, but rather a way of life that connects us all. That’s where you come in….

This spring marks our biggest and most diverse product launch to date. To celebrate, we invite you to join our Wave Makers Club.

All of our customers (including you) are the true heroes behind our brand and we want to hear and share how you’re Making Waves in your own life.

Whether you’re traveling off the grid to chase exotic fish or giving back to your local community, we want to provide you with an opportunity to tell your story (and get some nice Free Fly perks along the way).

Apply Today 

(Application closed 3/3/19)