We caught up with Free Fly Ambassador, Captain Harrison Beckwith, to hear about his recent trip down to the Lone Star State. While it's not exactly the Carolina Lowcountry and Blue Ridge Mountains that he's used to, the Texas coast certainly delivered him a once in a lifetime fly fishing experience to get off the grid for a few days, chase reds, and explore a unique destination of endless islands, bays, and cuts.




How long were you down in Laguna Madre?

Just for three days, but it felt like so much longer once we where out on the water.

What was the goal of the trip?

I needed some time off from guiding in North Carolina and I really wanted to just focus on fishing and let a little loose.

Who did you go with?

One of my customers that I guide in North Carolina, Torrey Hawkins, hosted this trip. He's also the owner of Bayou City Anglers





What was a typical day like there?

Doesn't get much better. Wake up... fish... crack a beer by 10:00... report to cabin for lunch... more beer... fish the evening... return to camp... liquor, music, and dock light fishing.

What made this trip so special?

This trip was special because of the new location, Laguna Madre. I've done a lot of red fishing in the Carolinas. But, the landscape in Texas is so different. 

What were you fishing for? 

Redfish on fly. 





What did your gear list look like?

Camera, drone, laptop, 7wt, Free Fly Lightweight Hoody and Hybrid Shorts! Torrey's Hells Bay Professional was also very nice.

What is something you'll never forget about fishing at Laguna Madre?

Really the aspect that I will never forget was the living quarters. Having a cabin on stilts right on the gulf in a mix of the fishing. Literally on the edge of the flats. And let's not forget to mention being able to return to base camp, dock the boat and have a mixed drink in hand immediately....that was something special. 




What did the travel look like to actually get on the water from your home base in North Carolina?

About a two or three hour drive to Atlanta. Flight to Houston. Six hour drive to Port Mansfield. Then boat across to the bay to our camp. 

How does someone go about booking a trip like this?

Not sure how you would book something like this. It was a privately owned fish camp and that's what made it even more special. 

Photos by: Harrison Beckwith