Planning a trip to downtown Charleston? That's a great idea. There is certainly no shortage of things to see and do. I met up with my friend Carey and we did a little bit of scouting for you.

Along the way, we wore our new Breeze Cropped pants (they're the best) and put together a scenic and fun bike route for you to follow. Enjoy! 

First things first, here's what to bring:

  • Bike 
  • Day Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Breeze Cropped Pants
  • Midweight Long Sleeve



7am: Meet Up For Sunrise at the Battery

One of the top attractions in downtown Charleston is the Battery — and for good reason. You'll want to catch the sunrise on the east side of the park facing the iconic Ravenel Bridge. There's street parking here so you can park the cars for the morning and begin your bike ride.


8am: Beat the Crowds at Rainbow Row

It truly is a must that you make time to visit this stretch of 13 pastel houses that is an unmistakable part of Charleston history. Dating all the way back to the 1740's, this area was originally a bustling commerce center for our port town. There are a few theories on the reasoning for the colorful homes, but here is what we've heard: 

The Caribbean colors are credited due to a way to improve the aesthetics + keep the houses cooler during the warmer months. Not to help drunk sailors find their way home :) 


9am: Cruise Down Longitude Lane

This alley is designed with some of the most beautiful entrance ways and foliage in our city. As you journey down this historic corridor you'll get a glimpse of what it felt to live in Charleston over 200 years ago.

Fun fact: The name that inspired this quiet cobbled lane was named after John Harrison and his new invention at the time: a compact marine chronometer that was the scientific wonder of the world in 1762. 



10am: Explore the Historic Neighborhoods

Warning: A stroll through historic downtown Charleston will often steal your heart by way of charming pastel houses, picket fences, and historic gardens. You can't take a wrong route, and most corners will often greet you with historic landmark information to teach you more about the rich history of the city. 



11am: Ride Down King Street

There is plenty of shopping, food, and charm to be found while cruising down King Street. Be sure to stop in and see our friends at Half-Moon Outfitters! 



12pm: Check Out Chalmers Street

Only a few of the original cobblestone streets remain in Charleston and Chalmers Street is one of the best preserved and most photographed. Bonus points if you can bike down it. It was hard for me! 



1pm: Refuel at Miller's All Day

Now that you've worked up an appetite, it's time to enjoy biscuits and grits at this refined and charming bistro, bakery, and bar. Try to stop in early or on a week day, it gets busy on the weekends! (We got the chicken biscuit and the tomato biscuit). 



2pm: Catch Some Sun Back at the Battery

Back to the car at Battery to catch some sun in White Point Garden, watch the sailboats in the harbor, and finish your tour of downtown Charleston.