At Free Fly, we're always trying to go farther, whether it's with our designs or the outdoor pursuits we chase. With an already expansive offering of solid and heather colors in our line, the idea of adding a pattern to our collection has naturally been floating around the office for years. This spring, we've decided to do just that with the introduction of a new micro-stripe pattern. To hear a little bit more about the new pattern, we sat down with two of our product designers: Sy and McKenzie. 

What was the inspiration behind the micro-stripe? 

McKenzie: Our inspiration to break into the bamboo pattern game really came from our love for the ocean and the timeless seafaring stripe designs that we all know and love. Being a coastal company, we've always wanted to pay homage to this pattern that has inspired us over the years, while staying true to our own Free Fly style. 

What's the history behind the nautical stripe? 

Sy: It's said that the French Navy were the first to utilize the sailor stripe pattern and it's function was actually really practical. If a sailor fell overboard, the design would function as a modern neon jacket and help them get spotted. Later, many French fishermen also adopted these “marinière” striped shirts for similar reasons. 

What makes the Free Fly micro-stripe special? 

McKenzie: For years, we've wanted to break out of our traditional use of solids and heathers with a pattern. But, patterns and bamboo can be challenging. So it took some time to find the right design approach, which also helped guide us towards the micro stripe direction. While the stripe itself isn't super groundbreaking... our team was really thoughtful about the color and fabric, which is what really shines with the new Free Fly micro-striped products. 

What products feature the new micro-stripe? 

Sy: This spring, we introduced the micro-stripe into four new products. You can find it in both the men's and women's Channel Pocket Tees, the Dockside Dress, and the Dockside Polo.


Do you have a favorite micro-stripe products and pairings?

McKenzie: I love the Women's Channel Pocket Tee in White with Cypress Green Utility Shorts. It's a great spring/summer weekend outfit, because you can look cute to grab a drink, but also be ready to go for a paddle or hop on a boat. 

Sy: I'd go for the Men's Channel Pocket Tee in Atlantic Blue with the Cement Hybrid Shorts — lightweight breathability for the warm summer months in a style that looks as good as it feels.