A couple of weeks ago, a talented combo of friends and fly anglers took a few days off work and met down in the Keys to end their summer on a thrill. It was an all star cast staring ambassadors Cole Anderson, Harrison Beckwith, Connor Flamm, and Jamie Connell. 

Cole is a sportsman and creative hailing from our backyard in Charleston, SC. Harrison is based out of nearby Cashiers, NC where he freelances and guides trout trips for Brooking's Anglers in the hills of western North Carolina. Connor and Jamie are both based down in the lower Keys where they are full time guides. There is no question that each one of these guys are family to our brand and embody the spirit and passions of Free Fly. 

 A Weekend in the Florida Keys


When they link up together, we can guarantee you that they aren't just sitting around and watching tv, but rather they're redefining the definition of "getting after it."

Every day, they rose with the sun, ran to a new spot in search of the next best, battled the South Florida elements, poled through the mid-day sun, waded through skinny water flats, and shared fishy tales long into the night. Putting our finest gear to the test and chasing fish along the way. 



Throughout the trip, they had shots at quiet the dream lineup of redfish, bonefish, snook, and mahi. No tarpon were to be found this time around. 

Scroll on to see what happens when this Free Fly crew meets up for 4 days down in one of the best fisheries in the world. 



Day One

Location: The Everglades

Species: Redfish and Snook

Connor catching some bow time with plenty of assorted candies to choose from. 

Connor with a slicked out cruiser on the left and Cole landing a red with a big eat. 

Harrison finding South Florida success with a mixed bag of redfish and snook. 



Day Two

Location: Mid Keys

Species: Bonefish


 Pushing through the skinny as the boneyard awaits. 

 Cole with a serious bone to pick. 

Working the edges.


Day Three

Location: Mid Keys

Species: Mahi


Harrison finally hooked up with a deep blue dolphin.

Filets for days. 


Day Four

Location: Lower Keys

Species: Bonefish

Capt. Jamie Connell links up for the final day. 

Jamie on board and fish in hand. 

Harrison making his one shot count on the final day. 

Victory brews and sharing tales from the past few days of a successful trip and memories to last till next year. 


Looking to end your summer on a thrill? If you like a more laid back Key West, cheaper hotels, and airfare - then August and September are a great time to go fishing. Contact Jamie and Connor for the info.