Located in Northeast Argentina on the Upper Paraná River, you can find a dorado-fisher's dream, the Suindá Lodge. Nervous Waters' owns a superior collection of lodges located in Patagonia and the Bahamas; and this is their newest outfit, strategically located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes. 

Recently, FF ambassador Harrison Beckwith (who you can normally find guiding in the mountains of Western North Carolina for Brookings Anglers) and his production/fishing partner Andrew Julian went down to Nervous Waters' newest lodge for an angler's expedition of a lifetime. This premier outfit affords exceptional hospitality and clear waters that offer exceptional sight-fishing opportunities for double-digit dorado, as well as hard-charging pirá pitá and exoxtic pacú on dries. The secret lies in the fishery's structure: generally fast-flowing runs, coursing over beautiful rock gardens. 

With bags packed full of line, flies, sunglasses, Free Fly hoodies, tying tools, rods, and reels — follow along to see their recent photo report of their adventure down to the Southern Hemisphere. 


Contact Suindá Lodge:

  • 1-800-530-6928 • Info@nervouswaters.com
  • Comfortable, well-appointed lodge houses for 8 anglers
  • Delicious international cuisine 
  • Professional guides specializing in fly fishing techniques and gear
  • Comfort-enhanced skiffs designed for fishing the area
  • High-quality loaner equipment