There's no doubt that Allie D'Andrea is living the dream. She lives nomadically, traveling around the country to beautiful and wild places with her fly rod and compound bow in hand. Along the way she pays for her gas and frequent taco stops by creating fishing and hunting content for her own platform's (YouTube, Instagram) and for like minded outdoor industry brands.

Allie practices what she preaches. Through her outdoor pursuits and stories, she advocates for our public lands and wildlife conservation efforts. Because why folks? You can't fight for what you don't know, and Allie is driven to inform people on how special, important, and fragile our wild places and wild species truly are. Thanks Allie, that's what being a Wave Maker is all about: getting outdoors, playing, and protecting. She believes that you're stronger by being out in nature, mentality and physically — and without a dang question, so do we. 

A few weeks ago, Allie reached out to us on her way down to dream destination worthy Jupiter, Florida. We thought this would be a great time to get some gear in her hands and catch-up. 

Allie Inline

How do you describe what you do?

Professionally, I describe myself as a content creator. Recreationally, I describe myself as a lover of the outdoors; from fly fishing and paddle boarding, to hunting and backpacking, any excuse to be outside is a good one. 

Allie Inline

What does Free Fly mean to you?

Close your eyes and imagine a salty blue ocean, a cold beer in your hand, and good friends surrounding you. To me, that’s Free Fly; a laid back lifestyle that is deeply connected to the outdoors. 

Allie Inline

What FF gear did you use and what did you do?

The packing list included: the Bamboo Women's Blue Chill Weekender Long Sleeve with the Women's Blue Dusk Utility Shorts, topped with the Groundswell Snapback.

I wore my gear in sunny Jupiter, Florida while fly fishing for snook, paddle boarding in both salt and brackish water, and of course at local bars with a drink in hand.

What's one outdoor activity you've always wanted to do?

I’ve always wanted to surf. I admire the relationship surfers have with the ocean. I have a special connection to the mountains when I hunt, fish, and explore, and I imagine someone who surfs feels that exact way about being out in the open water.

Alline Inline

What's your earliest outdoor memory? 

Flipping over rocks trying to find crayfish in a creek not far from my childhood home. I used a small net that was meant for a fish tank and would come home with buckets of critters. 

Alline Inline

Dream trip to take?

I have an itch to explore the Selkirk Mountains in Canada. I’d bring a rod, a bow, a loaded backpack and hunt/fish my way around those mountains for a month.