Dad, you’re embarrassing me. We’ve all thought it. You can’t change his jokes or how he dances, but you can change what he wears (if he’s wearing a shirt). In fact, it’s your duty. So swap out that ugly fishing shirt, that mustard stained tee, and those jeans older than you. Get him something stylish and comfortable, and don’t forget to throw out that fanny pack. Bonus: Mom will be happy too. Scroll on to check out the cure for an embarrassing dad.


Let's be honest, no ones grilled in a velvet suit since ... maybe ever. It's hot slaving over those coals - let's keep Dad cool while he works so hard securing that position as the neighborhood grill master. Upgrade dad's wardrobe with a lightweight hooded sweatshirt paired with some bottoms for a full look.


Jorts have no place near the water and his shirt is scaring the fish away. Dad needs a new lucky shirt and It's going to be a lonnng day on the water when that skin-tight denim gets wet.


Dad, we get it, you wanna let those quads breathe. We're not going to stop that, but let's swap out those jorts and tired, tucked-in tee shirts with ultra-soft bamboo styles.


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