At Free Fly, we love the idea that one outfit that can take on the whole day. We've passed this little life hack on to our Wave Makers. Take James here (featured photo): he wakes up, takes a shower, goes to work, walks his dog, and heads out fishing — all without ever taking off his bamboo Free Fly hoody. One shirt, all damn day. Simply amazing.

What about morning fishing trips, casual Friday's, afternoon hikes, the first bbq of the year? Yes, it can all be done wearing the same piece of clothing. No need to pack multiple outfits for a day out when you can wear something that looks and performs great no matter where the day takes you. Don't believe it can be done? Read on. Recently, we caught up with a few of our favorite Wave Makers to see how they're wearing Free Fly throughout their day.



Aaron: Bamboo Lightweight Hoody: "Get out on the water, kayak, hang out at the pool, and then kick back."


Bryson: Bamboo Lightweight Hoody: "My morning started by fishing for tarpon off the rocks as the sun came up, then wading the flats for bonefish all day, and ending the day by grabbing some food and a drink at a local restaurant/beach bar while watching the sunset in the background."


Chandler: Wave Snapback: "This certainly was embarrassing to make... But here we go: wake up, shave, fly fish, and grab some dinner/ice cream to cap off a great day.


Emma T: Bamboo Full Length Tight: "Teaching pottery in the morning and guiding raft trips in the afternoon. These are my Goldilocks leggings in a closet full of ones that just aren't right."  


Emma H: Breeze Pant: "My go-to pants when searching for brookies in the North Carolina mountains."


James: Bamboo Fleece Pullover Hoody: "Wake up and shower (in the most comfortable sweatshirt on the planet). At work with the case of the Mondays (rather be fishing) and then finally out on the river fishing."


Jenna: Bamboo Shade Hoody: "The shirt is fabulous even on rainy days as a base layer. As I trekked up the mountain for rainbow trout, the shirt added a breathable base layer that soon became the only layer I needed. Yet, the best part of the shirt is the thumb holes. Because the sleeves are longer, the thumb holes never feel like they are pulling. All things I’m sure you already know. 😀"


Layne: Bamboo Cruiser Henley: "The ultimate 'Do it all' shirt. Unbelievably comfortable when flying, extremely breathable, offers great sun protection, and is my favorite fishing shirt." 

Luke: Bamboo Flex Polo: "Morning fishing before a day of commercial construction work and then off to enjoy the company of good friends for dinner." 


Matt: Bamboo Flex Henley: "Traveled to Charleston for the weekend to fly fish and hang out with friends. Free Fly is all I packed." 


Nick: Bamboo Drifter Tee: "The only shirt I needed while sailing in the Abaco Islands. From the boat, to the water, dried, and always ready for sunset happy hour."


Ted: Bamboo Flex Henley: "A day in the life of the Henley while leading a group along the Napoli coast and Amalfi last week. This was from the last day
sailing from Sorrento back to Naples."