We sent our new collection down to Key West to be put to the test by FF Ambassador Captain Jamie Connell. Jamie is a conservation minded guide, with the cleanliness of the oceans directly impacting his livelihood. Check out our recent chat with him about his fishery and book him for some epic action!


FF: Can you introduce yourself, who you are, where do you guide, and how long have you been guiding there? 

Jamie: "My names Jamie Connell, I'm a fishing guide in Key West, Florida and I've been guiding down here since 2012."


FF: What is something about your fishery most people don't know about?

Jamie: "Probably the diversity, regardless of what time of year it is there's usually something to target here. Wether you want to stay inshore or offshore theres always something to do."


FF: What's your favorite species to target?

Jamie: "Its tarpon. There aren't too many big fish you can target in shallow water react they way they do, so for me its tarpon. Cause they're just the best."


FF: We know 2020 has not been great on your business, has their been a silver lining? 

Jamie: "Yea I would say lack of pressure on our ecosystem in general is probably the silver lining. there haven't been any cruise ships coming in, boat traffic on the water has been way less, so our water clarity here has been great. And I think the best thing overall is that our ecosystem here is getting a bit of a break."


FF: Have you seen your waterways effected by platic pollution?

Jamei: "Yes plastic pollution is a huge global problem, we have seen our waterways effected down here by it. In particular the spring and summer when we get a south or southeast wind often, it tends to blow a lot of plastic on to the beaches on the south side. We see a lot of plastic bags, water bottles, bottle caps, that sort of stuff. last year was the worst I've ever seen and it keeps getting worse. I contacted a bunch of companies to help me and the business switch form plastic bottles, so  I got reusable ones and a water filter. Every day I just clean them and refill them its pretty easy." 


FF: How can people support you and your waterways? 

Jamie: "That's a great questions. I'd say when you come down here book owner/operator guides or small businesses whether your fishing or just going out on the water. They're the people that are hurting right now and the ones with the most at stake."