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Christa Funk

Waterwoman, Surf Photographer

Oahu, HI


One of the world’s leading surf photographers, Christa Funk is a force of nature. Born and raised in Colorado, she went to school at the Coast Guard Academy, where she competed as a distance swimmer. She was stationed with the Coast Guard on Oahu for five years, and it was there she discovered the world of surf photography, where she was able to combine her passion for swimming and photography into a career. ⁠Since then, Christa has climbed to the top of her field, making a name for herself as one of the toughest, hardest-working surf photographers in the world. And, notably, as one of the very few women out there.

First In. Last Out.

with Christa Funk

F*ck yeah! Oh, man. I promised myself I was gonna try to rein my cursing in around you guys. Damnit.” Christa Funk carefully places her underwater housing and camera equipment in Cyrus’s truck. We’re headed back to the Kona airport after a day of fishing and diving, and Mark Healey’s good friend, Captain Cyrus Widhalm, just gave us the okay to hop in the back of his pickup. We’re all excited—especially Christa—to drive in the open air and feel the tiniest bit of lawlessness that comes with riding in a truck bed.

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