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Mark Healey

Waterman, Big Wave Surfer, Freediver

Outside Magazine once called Mark “the greatest athlete you’ve never heard of.” Undeniably one of the most accomplished watermen in the world—he’s one of the greatest big wave surfers of all time, he’s made a career as a Hollywood stuntman, and he can hold his breath up to six minutes—a handy skill when it comes to freediving, spearfishing, and tagging sharks for the science community. When he’s not chasing waves or fish all over the world, he spends his time on the North Shore of Oahu with his family.


Well Rounded | Episode 1

Today, Mark’s still chasing waves and thrills, but spending more of his time with family back home on Oahu. From hunting and spearfishing to balancing fatherhood with his own pursuits, follow along as we get to know Mark and explore what drives him in every aspect of his life.

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Calm & Chaos

with Mark Healey

Staring up at a towering black wall of water, Mark Healey thinks to himself, “You didn’t have to be here. You chose to be here. You did this to yourself.” He’d just paddled up and over a cresting 30-foot set wave at Cloudbreak, where he’d positioned himself far inside to get a good look at the transition. Safely on the other side, the spray starts to clear and he looks up to see the next wave of the set looming towards him. It’s the biggest one of the day, nearing 50 feet. There’s no catching this wave. Just surviving it.

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