Nicole Gormley

Filmmaker, Waterwoman

Venice, CA


As a filmmaker, photographer, and waterwoman, Nicole Gormley has racked up a pretty wild resume—from filming polar bears across the Arctic Circle and putting cameras on great white sharks, to producing an Emmy-nominated food and travel series on Netflix. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, then went on to produce and direct projects for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Patagonia Films, and more. Her work has taken her to over 50 countries and her award-winning films center around people and their relationship to the natural world. As a surfer, spearfisher, and adventurer she uses storytelling to inspire action and protect the place she loves the most—the ocean

Dispatch: Channel Islands

Nicole reports back on a recent dive trip to "the Galapagos of North America."

Dispatch: Channel Islands


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