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The Bamboo Difference

What sets bamboo apart from other fabrics

  • Bamboo

    Bamboo stands out with its buttery soft feel, moisture wicking, and odor resistant benefits, just to name a few. In the search for the perfect performance fabric, it was the ultimate natural fiber for us.

  • Synthetic

    Although synthetic materials have many great performance properties, we were tired of the clothing feeling like plastic and holding smell.

  • Cotton

    Cotton is a hugely popular fabric, but when used in performance clothing it sticks to your skin and holds moisture.

Benefits of Bamboo

What makes bamboo the ultimate performance fiber?

  1. Buttery Soft

  2. Moisture Wicking

    And Quick Dry

  3. UV Protection

  4. Thermal


  5. Anti-Odor

  6. Breathable


"The bamboo fabric is even softer than I thought it could be‚ such great quality, great look, great product!!"

- Nicole M.

"Bamboo Believer. I have become a huge bamboo convert, difficult to go back to wearing anything else in fact."

- Andre K.

"Bamboo Whoo Hoooo. I love the bamboo fabrics. Soft, smooth and breathable. . . . Thank you!"

- Jon H.

Our Process

From plant to product

  • Step 1:
    sourcing and extracting

    Our bamboo is grown in sustainable forests in the central region of China. Bamboo is renewable, grows rapidly with minimal water and requires no pesticides or fertilizers. The soft inner layer (pith) is mixed with a natural solvent, breaking it down and turning into bamboo viscose.

  • Step 2:
    viscose to fabric

    The viscose is then spun into a fine yarn — the key to creating the softest fiber imaginable. It is then combined with a touch of quick dry material to be knit, dyed and sewn into our apparel. 

  • Step 3:
    responsible product

    Our products are cut and sewn in Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified facilities. We ensure that our products are created ethically and with care — with people and the environment at the forefront.

Our Fabrics

Our bamboo fabrics range from 100-degree-day wear to layering-in-the winter weights. See which one is right for your adventure.

Lightweight Fabrics
140 - 180 GSM
Cools in the heat
Midweight Fabrics
180 - 230 GSM
Year Round Wear
Motion Fabrics
275 - 290 GSM
Ultimate Stretch
Fleece Fabrics
230 - 340 GSM
Warms in the Cool

Our Custom Bamboo Blends

Bamboo Lightweight Fabric

Our lightweight fabric combines viscose of bamboo fibers with a touch of quick dry material, resulting in a perfect blend of performance and silky softness to keep you cool and dry when temperatures get hot.

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  • Moisture wicking and Quick Dry
  • Ultra Breathable
  • Naturally Odor Resistant
  • UPF 20

Bamboo Midweight Fabric

An evolution of the lightweight, our midweight fabric blends viscose of bamboo fibers with a medley of quick dry and stretch material for added stretch and coverage. This ultimate trifecta creates a year round performance.

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  • insulates and cools down
  • any season performance
  • great stretch and coverage
  • Naturally odor resistant

Bamboo Flex Fabric

Built for action, our Flex fabric is a 4-way stretch blend that delivers more motion and more protection. This material is naturally insulating and thermal regulating for all day comfort from sunup to sundown.

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  • 4-way Stretch
  • added warmth
  • Quick Dry
  • Naturally odor resistant

Bamboo Stretch Fabric

Greater mobility and coverage that is unbeatably soft, it must be our stretch fabric. Created for freedom of movement while staying comfortable during sweaty activities.

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  • Medium support level
  • 4-way stretch
  • moisture wicking
  • breathable

Bamboo Fleece Fabric

Our Fleece fabric offers the perfect transitional weight for cooler temps and versatile as a mid or top layer. This bamboo blend brings maximum comfort to cool weather adventures.

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  • insulates
  • Breathable
  • unbelievable soft
  • versatile for layering

Bamboo Polar Fleece Fabric

This insulating fabric has a luxuriously-soft brushed texture making it the coziest fabric in our collection. Made for ultimate layering — if clouds had sleeves it would feel like this.

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  • incredibly cozy and soft
  • insulating layer
  • breathable
  • naturally odor resistant

Bamboo Thermal Fleece Fabric

Ridiculous comfort meets cold weather warrior. Our insulating Thermal Fleece is 50% heavier than our traditional bamboo fleece. This material takes on the cold with insulating goodness while remaining breathable.

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  • incredible warmth
  • Ultra-soft
  • Breathable
  • Naturally odor resistant