Ready or not the 4th of July is here. You're scrambling, shaking off the 3rd of July hangover, even though you told yourself you wouldn't ever do that again. Egg salad is flying, coleslaw is already on the floor, beer is chilling but not chilled enough (struggles), and the grill is heating up.

And through this haste of your preparation and excitement for our nation's birthday party, you've forgotten one thing! And what's that? The essential 4th of July playlist of course.

But no worries, my 4th of July friends, Free Fly has you covered with our favorites. So whether you're walking out to your backyard dock or headed on a quick road trip down the lowcountry coast, our 4th of July playlist is bound to make you feel more American than if Harley Davidson, blue jeans, baseball, apple pie, nascar, and fireworks, John Deere, Uncle Sam, and reality-tv were all mixed into one. (And that's really American). 

Are we missing one of your favorite hits? Let us know! Contact us at to suggest a song. 

Feature Photo: Andrew Cebulka