This summer, we released our 1st conservation collection designed to support our friends at Charleston Waterkeeper. Throughout the month of June, 100% of the proceeds were donated to CHS Waterkeeper. Including custom hats, tees, and a tote bag — the conservation collection's art direction was inspired by CHS Waterkeeper's selfless work against water pollution, single use plastic, and its harmful impact on our marine ecosystems.

At the end of the month, it was amazing to see that collectively we raised $5,225 to support their mission! And that was all because of you. So, thank you Free Fly community for supporting a great cause.



Along with June's conservation collection, we also joined forces on World Oceans Day with Charleston Waterkeeper to host a local meet-up at one of the Holy City's most popular boat ramps: the Wappoo Cut Boat Landing.

And by popular we mean very popular. One of the closest places to splash your boat near downtown, this launch was already packed by the time the clean up started at 8am! It's true, Charleston loves to get out on the water, but it's also just as true that Charleston loves to keep their boat launches clean as we had a great turn out for the meet up.



That morning, we collectively beat the heat, the marsh, and had quite the haul. We're talking bird cages (thankfully no bird though), a 1990's car phone, discarded tires, industrial cable wires, pesky plastics, forgotten bottles, and on. Just like fish when we're out fly fishing, the trash didn't stand a chance folks. 



It was great to see everyone show up and clean up: families, friends, neighbors, new folks to town, anglers, paddlers, and on — all sharing one common passion and goal: to come together and leave our waterways better than we found it.

For us, that's truly what it's all about: getting out in the community, supporting conservation, making connections, and having darn good conversations along the way. 



As the June conservation collection comes to a close, our mission and passion to support Charleston Waterkeeper certainly does not. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next meet-up and graphic launch to support their work and our environment. 

Thanks Waterkeeper, you're the true MVP of Charleston and we're happy to know and hang with you. We think you should hang out with Charleston Waterkeeper too. Here's how to support: become a member, volunteer, arm yourself with knowledge. You can't fight for what you don't know and love! You can learn more by visiting their website, signing up for their newsletter, and following them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Then go fishing or whatever you like to do on the water. Just go out there and enjoy it!