With the arrival of fall and cooler temperatures, Oyster season is finally upon us here in the Lowcountry. 

If you're trying out an oyster roast for the very first time, here's a list of 5 must-haves for the festivities to go off without a hitch. 



1. The Obvious – Fresh Oysters

You'll want to source the freshest, quality oysters you can find – your local seafood purveyor can likely point you in the right direction here. We like the seasonal Lowcountry local clusters that come straight from our waters, but if you want to fancy things up, you can spring for some select singles from the gulf or up north.


2. Proper Tools

You're gonna need a propane burner and a big pot to steam up those oysters. And don't forget a couple quality shucking knives; there's nothing worse than scrambling last minute for the cheap grocery store version of these. We like the ones from our local friends, Toadfish Outfitters. They'll last you season after season.


3. A Big Ol' Table

Don't forget, once you've steamed that first batch and are excited to eat, you're gonna need somewhere half decent to dump 'em so folks can gather-round and get to shucking. The table is the center piece of the entire experience, so find something good here.


4. Saltines and Cocktail Sauce

Yes, it may be blasphemous to the oyster purists out there, but if you want to appeal to the masses, you're gonna have to have a selection of condiments to get the fair weather oyster-eaters involved. We like them any way we can get them, but definitely aren't above a good saltine + cocktail sauce + salty oyster for the perfect bite.


5. Ice Cold Beer

Sure, you can drink a cocktail or whatever you please, but an oyster roast just isn't complete without your favorite cold beer in hand.


*Pro Tip - if you live on or near the coast, your area should have an oyster shell recycling program where you can drop off shucked oyster shells. Save all the ones from your roast (don't mix with trash) and drop 'em off! Oyster shell re-nourishment can play a huge part in marshland restoration so it's for a great cause.