As we reflect on the past decade and the countless milestones we’ve reached along the way, we recognize that none of this would be possible without the support from all of you. To celebrate, we're highlighting a handful of the awesome people who have joined the Free Fly fam at some point throughout our 10-year journey. Check out these testimonials from adventurous Free Fly fans all over the States!


Name: Brandon

Location: Nevada 

Go-to activity: Fishing

Been part of the Free Fly fam for: A couple months

The one Free Fly product you can’t live without: I love the Breeze pants. My wife loves the tights.

Special memory or epic adventure: My wife took up fishing this year. While wearing her Free Fly tights, she had one of the most spectacular first days of fishing a person could ask for. She commented throughout the day how comfortable she was in her Free Fly apparel. Appreciating the quality and comfort, we’ve outfitted our whole family in Free Fly!


Name: Adam 

Location: Georgia

Go-to activity: Fishing 

Been part of the Free Fly fam for: 3 years

The one Free Fly product you can’t live without: Bamboo Flex Tee

Special memory or epic adventure: Honestly, too many to list. As an active outdoorsman, I spend a lot of time fishing, hiking and camping. Since finding Free Fly, all my adventures occur now in complete comfort and protection from the elements. Your clothes have changed the way I approach my hobbies. I no longer have to think about what to put on or take off as your clothes not only bring comfort to me but also function and style. This can’t be said about many other brands. Free Fly has earned me not only as a customer, but as a believer in their mission and vision. I am and will continue to be a faithful customer for life.


Name: Ryan 

Location: Alabama 

Go-to activity: Fishing/boating

Been part of the Free Fly fam for: 1 year 

The one Free Fly product you can’t live without: Lightweight Hoody

Special memory or epic adventure: Trout fishing with my Dad in south Louisiana. I had a Free Fly Lightweight Hoody and Free Fly Pants on in the middle of summer. He made fun of me but I was the one laughing when he was swatting horse flies and I wasn’t.


Name: Katherine

Location: Nevada

Go-to activity: Fly fishing

Been part of the Free Fly fam for: 4 years – after I had a skin cancer mark removed, I got serious about sun protection. Now, I just use that as an excuse to buy more Free Fly products.

The one Free Fly product you can’t live without: Bamboo Fleece Pullover Hoody

Special memory or epic adventure: I recently went on a trip to Alaska where I pretty much only packed my Free Fly clothing: tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies, and the daily tight with pockets. All were perfect for layering and SO soft and comfy.


Name: John 

Location: North Carolina

Go-to activity: Lake/Water Sports

Been part of the Free Fly fam for: 8-9 years

The one Free Fly product you can’t live without: Midweight Long Sleeve

Special memory or epic adventure: A spring trip to the OBX with the family...2 adults and three kids. Took a picture of us and later, as I was looking at it, realized that half of us are wearing some type of Free Fly!


Name: Jeff

Location: Michigan

Go-to activity: Bicycling, Traveling, Hiking 

Been part of the Free Fly fam for: 1 ½ years

Special memory or epic adventure: I took several of my Free Fly Henley tops to Patagonia. The trip lasted 2 1/2 weeks with an amazing amount of weather variation. My Free Fly clothing was perfect for the trip and the envy of our guides.  At the end of the trip, I gave all my Henleys to our guides (local Patagonians) to show our appreciation.  No worries – I ordered my replacements the moment I returned home!