Looking for the ultimate boat to bar pant? Look no further, the Free Fly pants are back and better than ever. See what the hype is all about in the video below: 


For those of you who have been following the Free Fly journey over the past few years, you may have heard of tall tales and boat ramp stories of the legendary Free Fly pants of the past. Pants that were arguably more valuable than pirate's gold and have created a two year continuous flood of customer requests asking "When will you bring back pants for men?"

Well, you asked and we listened! After two years of perfecting the fit, refinement, 1000+ requests, countless DM's, and conversations at the bar, we're excited to announce that the pants are back and better than ever before. 

Designed for long days outside working a flat for reds or a night out on the town, this pant has the versatility and stretch for every aspect of life. From beach to bar, the Nomad Pant is a perfect multi-purpose pant that looks great and performs even better. Keep scrolling to see and learn more!

Created with a regular slim fit design and our custom bamboo blends, the Nomad Pant is ideal for skinny water wade fishing followed by an afternoon drinking a cold one with friends at your favorite local watering hole. 


To celebrate a moment that feels like Christmas in August for many of us, we've taken a walk down memory lane and pulled out a few of our favorite customer requests over the years. Scroll on to read some of our favorites: 

"I love your products. But, I really want sun protection for my legs too. Have you thought about men’s pants?" - Tom

"Do you have any plans to introduce long pants for men? Casual wear for boat and beach? Thanks!" - Steve


"Guys, I have been anxiously waiting for the pants to come back out. They are perfect for anything from fishing, to business meetings, even dinner out with my bride. I need them back in my life." - Dallas.

"Free Fly, please bring back your men’s pant. I just got back from London and it would have been fantastic to have your pants to travel with." - Carter


"I’m doing every water way in the US on a jetski. 28,000 miles total. 8 hours a day. I want total cover up. What about pants for dudes?" - Jeff

"I will pay hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars for 1 pair of pants. Not kidding." - Matt


"If they are going to be better, which be hard to do, then the wait will be worth it." - Brian

"Hi! I was just wondering if you will have the pants back in stock? I would love to get some before my trip to the Keys! Thanks!" - Josh

"Can’t get sunburned… need pants like your shorts!" - Bill 


Well don't you worry. You asked, we listened. Whether you're flats fishing, enjoying a sunset cruise with friends, or a local Saturday night concert, these pants are back and better! Keep us in the loop. We'd love to see where you take your Nomad pants! Tag us on Instagram and email us some photos at info@freeflyapparel.com.