Hop in and go behind the scenes of our fall collection shoot on Sullivan's Island. A few weeks back, we called up the crew, packed up the truck, and cruised over to our favorite Lowcountry island town for two days of hanging out and shooting photos of our new gear.

What was on the itinerary? Certainly what dreams are made of. Beach walks, creek fishing and shrimping, hanging out around town, and having friends over for a fresh Lowcountry boil. (Tough life, I know, but hey, someone has to do it, right?)

The new gear held up great and was super versatile and comfortable for the entire trip, taking everyone from beach, to boat, to bar in style. Scroll on to see more of what a day looked like. 




7:00am: Beach Walk

Perks of fall on Sullivan's Island? Certainly one of them is a far less crowded beach and easier access to parking. We linked up with Johnny and Anna and set out on a morning beach walk to meet the rising sun in our new Men's and Women's Shoreline tops. 



10:00am: Fish, Shrimp, Boat

Time to test out the new fall Crossover Hoody. We set out on the skiff with Johnny and Anna for some fly fishing and shrimping. Certainly was catch and release for the reds, but the shrimp weren't so lucky :) 

Yes, that's what you think it is. That's Johnny wearing the new men's Nomad Pant! After two years of refining the fabric and fit, men's pants are back and better than before. It handled the day perfectly from boat to bar. Learn a little bit more about the design behind the pant by watching this video



1:00pm: Back to Town

Now with majority of the grocery shopping out of the way for the night, we decided to head back into town and take a cruise down Middle Street. One of our favorite places to stop into while in town is the Co-Op. Check it out next time your on Sullivan's. 

While down on Middle Street, we lucked out and got to borrow the keys to our friend's Woody Wagon to explore the Island in style. He's lucky we returned the keys :) 



5:00pm: Lowcountry Boil

After a fun day hanging on Sullivan's, we headed over to Johnny's to meet up with a few more friends of the crew and get these fresh shrimp boiling. 



Looks good doesn't it? Well we didn't forget about you. Get the full recipe here. And shop the new looks here