When it comes to the best fabric boasting undeniable comfort, protection, and versatility, viscose from bamboo comes out on top. So why should you be wearing this lesser-known but much-loved fabric? Let's take a closer look at seven of the biggest advantages of apparel made from bamboo for everyday adventure.

1. UV Protection

One of the most important elements of fabric made from bamboo for your long-term health is the built-in UV protection—also known as the UPF rating. 

Typical clothing has a UPF rating in the mid-single digits, while clothing made from bamboo can provide UPF protection of 20 to 50 or more. That's like an extra layer of sunscreen built right into your clothes.

UV protection is absolutely essential when spending time outdoors. A lack of protection could lead to harmful skin issues—from immediate burns and sun spots to more serious health issues later in life.

Woman fixing a fishing line while wearing bamboo clothing

2. Buttery Soft Comfort

Few things are more important in clothing than comfort, and clothing made from bamboo is miles ahead of synthetics or cotton. Since bamboo fibers are long, they can be woven together with fewer connections. This results in a silky smooth fabric that truly feels like butter on the skin.

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3. Lightweight Breathability

Bamboo clothing's incredible lightweight breathability is another one of its benefits. This is thanks to the unique structure of bamboo fibers, which contain tiny holes. Combined with the loose weave of bamboo fabric, these holes allow perspiration to quickly evaporate off your skin, preventing any damp or sticky feeling. Compared to other fabrics like cotton, wool, hemp, or synthetics, there's no comparison to bamboo's lightweight breathability.

Woman walking on rocks along a beach while wearing bamboo clothing

4. Quick Drying

There's nothing worse than being weighed down in water or sweat-drenched clothing. Whether you’re working out or pulling in your prize-winning catch, the quick-drying benefits of apparel made from bamboo mean you don’t have to hold back for the sake of staying comfortable. Bamboo fibers effectively wick moisture away from your skin and continue pushing it outward from the garment, where it quickly evaporates.

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5. Prevents Odors and Bacteria

One of the best benefits of fabric made from bamboo you won’t easily find in other fabrics is its antifungal and antibacterial properties. These unpleasant organisms are responsible for most offensive body odors that like to linger in clothing fabrics, even after washing. Since viscose from bamboo naturally inhibits their growth, you’ll stay fresh from the moment you put it on until you're kicking back at the end of a long day. For those on the go, it can also mean the ability to wear your garments multiple times without any smell.

6. No Wrinkles

Among the underrated benefits of bamboo fabric is its superior wrinkle resistance. Whether stuffed in a drawer or crammed into your travel pack, rest assured your bamboo layers will look just as sharp after getting tossed in your carry-on as they do freshly folded out of the dryer. So forget the need to iron. Just a light tumble dry or laid out flat after washing, and you can count on your bamboo clothing to hold its shape and stay wrinkle-free throughout the day.

7. Made With the Outdoors in Mind

At Free Fly, you can confidently shop for quality apparel made from bamboo without abandoning your ethical standards. Why? Because we believe it’s our responsibility to protect the outdoors as much as we enjoy it. 

That’s why we craft our FSC-certified organic apparel from bamboo grown on Forest Stewardship Council-certified land with zero use of pesticides or fertilizers and minimal water. Rather than relying on harsh chemicals to process our bamboo into bamboo viscose, we use naturally derived sodium hydroxide and a closed-loop process to ensure nothing is released back into the factory or the surrounding environment.

Man and woman eating an ice cream cone while wearing bamboo clothing

Reap the Benefits of Viscose From Bamboo with Free Fly Apparel

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