Gearing up for a day on the water? Dive into our curated collection of boat shirts that effortlessly blend sun protection with the Free Fly comfort you've come to love. Whether you're setting sail, casting a line, or simply there to enjoy the ride, knowing what to wear on a boat can elevate your experience.

Our handpicked lineup combines style, functionality, and top-tier sun defense–showcasing Free Fly’s unmatched craftsmanship.

Let's jump in and chat about the perfect boat shirts for your waterborne escapades.

Why Boating Shirts Matter

The sun, while inviting, can also be a silent adversary to your skin. 

Enter boat shirts, especially those fortified with robust UPF protection.They act as your frontline defense against relentless UV rays, minimizing sunburn risks and potential skin concerns. 

But with Free Fly, protection doesn't mean sacrificing comfort. Our premium boat shirts with strong UPF protection are crafted to ensure you stay cool and at ease—letting you truly kick back and enjoy every sunlit moment on the water.

Our Top 5 Boat Shirts

Here are our top picks:

1. Bamboo Lightweight Hoodie

Man and women in the Free Fly bamboo lightweight hoodie

This exceptionally soft and feather-light layer is purpose-built for extended days out on the water. Equipped with a crossover hood and innovative thumbholes for comprehensive sun coverage,The Bamboo Lightweight Hoodie keeps you shielded throughout your outdoor adventures.

Crafted from an incredibly breathable fabric, this hoodie maintains excellent airflow, keeping you cool even in the hottest weather. Along with airflow, its anti-odor properties keep you feeling fresh all day.The Bamboo Lightweight Hoodie offers complete coverage for your neck, shielding you from the sun's rays. The clever thumbhole design provides extra hand coverage, making it an excellent choice for versatile sun protection.

Its relaxed fit allows you to move freely, while the fitted hood and the longer length ensures extended coverage, making it an ideal choice for your sun-filled adventures. It's a must-have, versatile option for any excursion and is available for both men and women

2. Bamboo Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt

Man and woman in the Free Fly bamboo lightweight long sleeve shirt

Introduced in 2011, this shirt was our pioneering masterpiece, marking our footprint in the world of outdoor wear. Driven by a desire to break free from the constraints of traditional "performance" attire, our journey led us to the unmatched comfort of bamboo–embodying a blend of softness, durability, and style.

The Bamboo Lightweight Long Sleeve stands as a long-time classic, epitomizing the blend of comfort and purpose. With its airy build, and UPF 20+ protection, it's the go-to choice for those sunlit moments, especially when shade is scarce.

From its successful origins to becoming one of our most popular products, this shirt showcases our commitment to uncomplicated, unfussy performance in outdoor apparel. Available for men and women, it's a must-have for boating enthusiasts who value both style and safety.

3. Elevate Hoodie

Man and woman in the Free Fly Elevate Hoodie

The Elevate Hoodie is inspired by the dedicated anglers and adventure seekers who demand the utmost from their gear. Engineered to thrive in challenging conditions, it boasts a sturdy build, UPF 30+ sun shield, and advanced moisture management features.

Woven from our signature Elevate fabric, this hoodie seamlessly blends Free Fly's softness with unparalleled comfort, ensuring efficient moisture control and a lasting fresh feel. Tailored for both men and women, the Elevate Hoodie is a must have for those who live by the water.

4. Bamboo Shade Hoodie

Man and woman in the Free Fly Shade Hoodie

Meet the Bamboo Shade Hoodie, a fan-favorite style engineered from our remarkable Shade fabric. Crafted to be irresistibly soft, this hoodie is enriched with stretch properties, and its natural odor-resistance makes it a perfect companion for travel or an active lifestyle. Not to mention, it has an impressive UPF 50+ rating that ensures your escape from the sun’s intensity.

The Shade Hoodie is engineered to regulate temperature,guaranteeing a comfortable experience even when the forecast takes an unexpected turn. Available for men and women, it's a versatile choice for various water activities.

5. Bamboo Shade Long Sleeve

Man and woman in the Free Fly Shade Long Sleeve Shirt

Last but definitely not least, step into the world of comfort and protection with the Bamboo Shade Long Sleeve. Crafted from our Shade fabric, this attire earns its name from the impressive UPF 50+ rating that serves as your reliable shield against the sun.

Its buttery softness and inherent stretch make it an ideal choice for travel or an active lifestyle. Both men and women can embrace its many benefits.

Embrace Style and Protection

The best boat shirts combine fashion, sun protection, and comfort, providing a memorable and enjoyable experience on the water.

Free Fly Apparel has you covered with exceptionally comfortable options like the Bamboo Lightweight Hoodie or optimal sun protection from the Bamboo Shade Long Sleeve.

Check out our collections of men's sun shirts and women's sun shirts for top-notch choices to beat the heat. So, gear up, stay safe, and enjoy your time on the water!