Over the last five years as a Free Fly ambassador, our relationship has grown and evolved into something neither of us could have seen coming. To sum it up, I went from a long-distance ambassador living in Florida and sharing a few photos with Free Fly now and then, to now living in South Carolina and enjoying much more involved collaboration on shoots, trips, product development, and now having been invited to bring my design style to their graphic tees and hats this season.  I have had a blast being a friend of Free Fly.


Back to the Beginning  

I come from a business and accounting background.  I know - cringy.  So how did I end up here?  To make a long story short, I left the corporate world behind with support and encouragement from close friends and loved ones.  I began pursuing a career in photography, my first creative love.  It was through needing, but not being able to afford, a logo and visual brand identity of my own that I discovered my love and hidden talent for graphic design.  I spent months teaching myself, and then got to work creating my own logo along with some unique, fly fishing inspired designs.  I fully intended to keep said designs to myself until my loving husband convinced me to share them with my Instagram following.  The rest is history.  They were a big hit and Bre Drake Co. was born.



Passions Colide  

For the past year, I have been creating outdoor-inspired print designs as well as crafting custom logos, brand identities, and merchandise designs for individuals and business.  This journey has connected me with many wonderful people and businesses and has opened countless doors.  I pinch myself every day.  I am incredibly grateful for the folks, like Free Fly, that have taken a chance on me so early on in this journey, and for the ability to merge my passion for fly fishing and the outdoors with my work.

The Bre Drake Artist Series 

The Spring ’22 collection was inspired by home – Charleston, SC – and by one of my most memorable trips with the Free Fly crew – a trip to the Bahamas.



The Highs and the Lows Tee 

The High and the Lows design features a redfish tailing in spartina and an exposed oyster bed.  This design is a play on the highly sought after high and low tide fishing opportunities in Charleston, SC and the highs and the lows of fishing experiences in general.  Let’s face it – fishing largely consists of not actually catching fish.  Our time on the water is dotted with the highs and the lows.  There are times when the wind won’t stop, the motor won’t crank, the fish won’t bite, or our cast just won’t cut it.  But these lows are often offset by the 34th cast and 6th fly change that results in the perfect hookup, by good skiff stories, by cold beer with our buddies, and maybe a solid wildlife encounter to top it off – the highs.



The Skiff Dog Tee 

The inspiration behind the Skiff Dog tee is one of those “if you know, you know” situations.  If you know me, you know I’m rarely caught without my two golden retrievers at my hip.  This design was inspired by them and all the dogs that heighten our fishing experiences with their unwavering curiosity, mischief, and openness to whatever life throws at them (or for them).



The Crooked Island Tee 

Crooked Island Tee.  Free Fly invited me to tag along on an amazing adventure in the Bahamas last year and the good times on that trip are what inspired this design.  I chose to highlight the flora and fauna special to the island in a simple, symmetrical design.  You can almost hear the top popping off a cold Kalik when you look at this one.


I had a great time working on this collaboration with my friends at Free Fly and appreciate you stopping by to take a look!