This year, more than ever, has been defined by unplanned changes and making adjustments on the fly. Much is different for all of us than it typically would be this time of year, but we're glad we were able to get out on the water a few weeks back and do some fishing as well as shoot some product here in our home waters of Charleston. Read on to see how we fared when we put down the fly rods and headed for a change of scenery...





Poling the grass and mud flats for redfish is definitely our bread and butter, but we really wanted to try something different. It seemed like a no-brainer after a few conversations with our local ambassador Johnny Crislip to load up a cooler and hop in his bay boat on the first calm day we could find to head out to a nearshore reef.


After a pretty smooth and short run out of the inlet, we arrived at the spot we'd be spending most of the morning. We were getting bites on almost every drop as we picked through multiple species of reef dwellers, but the sheepshead were what we were after. We kept a few for the dinner table but let the rest of them go to be caught again another day. After a few cold ones and plenty of action, it was time to get rolling back to the dock.


For all of us around the country and beyond, there are uncertain times ahead. What we do know is that we want to continue to encourage everyone to stay safe and most importantly healthy. If you're able, make a point to get outside as much as you can and take every advantage of having the perfect excuse to get some fresh air!