Here in Charleston, we are always a shells throw away from a body of water. While dragging the skiff down to the local boat ramp is an awesome way to explore our vast waterways, sometimes simplicity is better. Below are some of our favorite ways to get out and enjoy the water simply.



1. Take a Dip

The most simple of all.  Just jump on in.



 2. Paddle Out to Your Favorite Break

Starting the morning off with a surf session is the perfect intro into the day. Nothing wakes you up like going for a salty swim at first light on an inch of foam and resin. Wether you ride the wave or the wave rides you, getting out for an hour brings a change of scenery if nothing else.



3. Strike Some Poses on the Beach

Strengthen your body, while taking in the salt and sound of the waves. For those, who want to work up a little sweat, practicing some yoga on the sand or paddle board is a great compromise.



4. Find Some Fish

Hop off the beaten path and wade through a flat, stream, or around a pond and practice the cast! Exploring a new section or body of water is a quick and easy get away. 



5. Launch a Kayak or Paddleboard

Check out a local boat ramp or head to the beach and push out on anything that floats. Pick up a friend after work, fill up the cooler, and maneuver through the endless creek and waterways options for a sunset cruise.