Going a little stir crazy? Yea so are we. With spring bringing in some beautiful weather, here are some quick and safe ways to escape to the outdoors. 

Great Activities for Outdoors 


1. Take a Dip

The most simple of all.  Just jump on in. With a drink sitting nearby of course. When it's hot outside nothing beats diving in some cool water to help you refresh! After a nice dip in the water, throw on our women's racerback tank or our mens bamboo shorts for a lightweight, quick drying outfit while you bask in the sun. Don't forget to bring your UV protection apparel so your skin is safe from the harmful rays.

Insider Tip: "When Im making a drinks on the go, it usually consists of something simple. My go to cocktails are Gin and Tonic with Revelry's High Wire Gin, or a Whiskey Ginger." - Austin, FF Co-Owner and Company Mixologist 



2. Strike Some Poses 

Strengthen your body, while taking in some rays. For those, who want to take it up a notch, practicing some yoga on the grass, sand or paddle board is a great compromise. It's okay to work up a sweat because our bamboo fiber clothing is flexible and moisture wicking, which is great for keeping any funky body odors at bay. 

Insider Tip: "Embrace where you are. Yoga teaches us to practice being in the present and experiencing all that is around us. Practicing around your home probably isn't going to be perfect, and that's OK." - Lily, FF ECommerce Manager, Local Yoga Instructor, and Cat Mom 



3. Find Some Fish

Hop off the beaten path and wade through a flat, stream, or around a pond and practice the cast! Exploring a new section or body of water is a quick and easy get away. Make sure you have quick drying apparel for fishing just in case things get a little crazy!  

Insider Tip: "Take some time to hone your skills or get into tying your own flies during this social distancing period. Toad patterns and clousers are super versatile and can catch a variety of fish in salt and fresh water." - George, FF Brand Manager and Tenkara Enthusiast   



4. Launch a Kayak or Paddle Board

Find an access point and push out on anything that floats. Meet up with a friend and maneuver through a new waterway in separate vessels. Six feet is enough room for a conversation or beer toss. If you're looking for the right clothes to wear for this activity, try the women's pull on shorts for a breathable, cool option.

Insider Tip: "Pay attention to the weather forecast, current, and wind direction. You ideally want to paddle "up hill" for the first half of your paddle. Don't forget water and snacks!" - Whitney, FF Senior Product Developer and Plant Whisperer 



5. Lay out the Towel or String up the Hammock 

Whether its reading a new book or listening to a podcast, spend some time enjoying the outdoors and a change of scenery. Check out our super soft bamboo shirts great for relaxing. Ladies, try our bamboo dress if you're looking for a lightweight look that's perfect for summer time.

Insider Tip: "Check out the Tiger King podcast, a great follow up to the show. Or open the book Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng." - Meaghan, FF Customer Service Manager and Flip Cup Champion