Frequent travelers have unique needs. Whether it's a long international flight or a marathon road trip, choosing the right clothes can significantly impact your experience—for better or worse. 

So what do you need to know to create a first-class travel wardrobe? Read on as we take a bespoke look at the basics and finer points of travel clothes do’s and don’ts, starting with the basics.

What Are Travel Clothes?

Travel clothes are outfits geared toward the particular problems and situations travelers most often find themselves in, compared to folks staying home. It's a broad category that covers all sorts of travel, whether it's hours in a cramped car or airplane seat or hitting your step goal by hoofing it around your destination. This also includes dedicated sun protection clothing for men or sun protective clothing for women, as most travelers spend a good deal of time in the sun, even if they don't realize it.

What Makes a Good Travel Outfit?

There's no one single answer in the quest for the best travel clothes. Instead, consider the factors that are most important to you among the following when selecting clothing for travel.


Keeping you comfortable on the go is the most essential job of travel clothes, and many do an admirable job. Using innovative synthetic fabrics and blends, travel clothes are often extremely soft (without sacrificing durability) and offer a bit of stretch to keep you from feeling constricted. An emphasis on breathability also keeps you cool, even in stuffy airplane cabins, train cars, or wherever your travels take you.


Travel clothes should also include special features aimed at solving the problems that travelers commonly face. This includes adding extra or hidden pockets to store your money, tickets, devices, or other items you need quick access to. 

Many styles of travel clothes also have added invisible functionality for improved comfort, like quick-drying fabrics or treatments that wick moisture away from your skin and avoid dampness. Some are even water-resistant or waterproof. Others have antibacterial or antimicrobial properties, helping prevent odor and allowing you to wear them multiple times between washes.

Naturally, you can't forget built-in sun protection, like Free Fly's UPF travel clothing for men and women. This helps provide long-lasting protection from sunburns and aging and even lowers the risk of sun-related skin conditions.


What good is that comfort and all those features if your travel clothes fall apart after a few wears? One of the biggest advantages of high-quality clothing for traveling is that it combines the comfort mentioned above with strength that prevents stretching, tearing, pilling, and even staining in some cases. It's a reflection of the more significant wear-and-tear most travelers put on their clothes and something you and your wallet will appreciate down the line.


Naturally, any clothes you select for your trip will need to be packed away in your bag. Unfortunately, all too many travelers have dealt with the annoyance of pulling an item out of their suitcase to find an unbearably wrinkled mess. Most travel clothes are designed to avoid this, with wrinkle resistance that allows them to be packed as tightly as necessary without ruining their look.

In addition, when you're on the go, every ounce in your suitcase matters. The best travel clothes feature durable but lightweight fabrics that can shave crucial weight from your gear—a vital component to packing light, whether you're trying to get under an airline weight limit or carrying your pack on your back.


While there are plenty of travel outfits out there, they may not be quite your style. But there's no reason you need to sacrifice style for the other important factors on this list. An increasing number of travel wear companies are adapting their clothes to the looks you know and love, making it impossible even to notice you're wearing specialized clothing in the best cases.

Man and Woman sitting on the tailgate of their truck

Travel Clothing Suggestions

Our bodies, styles, and travel plans are unique. That's why recent improvements in the look and sizing of some travel clothes are so valuable. Overall, versatility is key when it comes to travel clothing. Packing around the principles of layering can dramatically increase your potential outfits and ensure you're always comfortable, even in unexpected weather. Most importantly, your outfit needs to reflect your plans for your trip. Consider your method of travel, the nature of your activities upon arrival, and any weather changes or similar factors along the way.

Proper footwear is also crucial for both men and women and should reflect your travel plans. A casual, comfortable sneaker or running shoe may be fine for typical trips. However, those planning extensive walking or hiking may want to invest in footwear geared for this, with extra support and comfort. Those traveling to warmer climates may be tempted to pop on flip-flops but they should opt for a more supportive sandal if they must ditch the shoes.

Packing Clothing For Traveling

Fortunately, packing the best travel clothes is easy, thanks to performance fabrics boasting lighter weights, robust designs, and wrinkle resistance. Still, many experienced travelers choose to roll their clothes rather than fold them, believing it saves space and reduces wrinkling.

Another critical help in packing clothing for traveling, whether it's special gear or regular outfits, is packing cubes. Packing cubes are zippered bags, often made of nylon or other lightweight materials, simplifying the packing process and finding clothes on the road. 

Instead of rifling through your entire bag, looking for that particular item, and creating a huge, disorganized mess on day one, packing cubes allow you to easily and quickly move and organize your clothes while keeping them neatly contained.

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Caring for Travel Clothes

Each item of clothing for traveling has its own care instructions that should be followed as closely as possible, especially for performance fabrics or blends. This can greatly extend the life of your sometimes pricey wardrobe, not to mention keep it looking its best. Generally, you should use as gentle detergents as possible with cold water. Especially delicate garments can be hand-washed for extra protection. Air drying is best, though some travel clothes can stand up to regular clothes dryers on low heat.

The bottom line is that the best guidance for how to wash, dry, or otherwise care for travel clothes can be found right on the clothing's label. When in doubt, you can also consult the brand's website, which may also offer essential tips on keeping your prized items in tip-top shape.

The Best Travel Clothes Can Make All the Difference

While ordinary clothes may suffice for some, the exceptional benefits of travel-specific clothing make it a worthy investment, ensuring unparalleled comfort and convenience on your journeys.

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