International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We thought there would be no better time to introduce all of our awesome female Free Fly Ambassadors who represent us from coast to coast! The strides they continue to make impacting others through their craft, as well as some of their amazing plans for this year make them incredible assets for Free Fly. We're super proud to have them as a part of our team. We've got some new faces in the crowd this year so get to know the Women Free Fly Ambassadors below! 


Alyssa Adcock
North Carolina

Alyssa is a guide on the world renowned South Holston and Watauga tailwaters. During the season, a majority of her time is spent on the water fishing with guests, scouting new lines with other guides, or mousing flats for nighttime browns.  She is an advocate for diversity and is involved in her river community through the High Country Trout Unlimited chapter and stream restoration projects in partnership with local nonprofits.

Book a guided trip with Alyssa if you're ever in the area at Boone’s Fly Shop 


Erin Courtney


Erin is a well seasoned fly angler who enjoys spending her days chasing big fish in shallow water when she's not growing orchids and loving on her pups! She's proud to support the restoration of Mosquito Lagoon and the rest of the Indian River Lagoon system, and loves brands who not only offer great products but also understand how important coastal resiliency is. She's pumped for a Costa Rica trip with her fiancé this summer where they'll chase roosterfish and explore the jungle. As a botanist and true lover of all things outdoors, you can always find her checking out the beauty of the nature around her. She loves the diversity in our gear and even when not on the water, Erin will be found rocking Free Fly! Go check out her instagram and follow along with her adventures. 


Courtney Despos

Courtney is an avid angler and traveler who dabbles in healthcare to pay the bills. With a focus on being a passionate ambassador to the outdoors she thrives on creating experiences and sharing knowledge. She finds her energy by learning from those around her in an effort to constantly challenge herself and create growth in all aspects of life and fly fishing. Have an amazing story to share or a technique to discuss; you’ll have her ear! Fly fishing was in her life from a young age because of a brother who dedicated his youth to the passion. After some challenging events as a young adult, she decided to separate from her stressful corporate career and immerse herself fully in fly fishing. During this transition, she traveled the western U.S. and other areas in pursuit of knowledge and fish! Her motto is to ‘live in love’ -she believes that being defined by passions and pursuits in the outdoors is the ultimate source of peace and happiness. She aims to eliminate intimidation and barriers for individuals looking to enter and who are already within fly fishing. If Courtney isn't on the water, she's with her 10-year old son, helping to impact ill kiddos as a Physical Therapist and holding educational community events related to fly fishing and/or guiding! Follow along with her on instagram at @desposca


Bre Drake
South Carolina

Bre is a full time Charlestonian these days living with her husband Wilds Drake (of Drake Boatworks) and plenty of pups. Bre has some solid trips on the horizon this year, between a permit trip to the Palometa Club in Mexico, Mosquito Lagoon and an end of summer trip to Montana - thats covering a lot of ground! She's probably best known for targeting redfish on fly in the company of two curious golden retrievers, Skip and Ann, and of course, husband Wilds. Generally Bre gauges how well her day was spent by how tired the dogs are, messiness of her hair and size of her smile. 


Sage Indendi

As a little girl, she only ever dreamt about playing professional basketball. After a career ending injury during her senior year at Oregon State University, she didn’t know if she would ever be able to dream about anything again. Everything changed for her when an opportunity led her to Alaska just three years ago. Long story short, she fell into a love so strong with Bristol Bay and fly fishing that she returned the next year for her first full season as a camp hand - hungry to learn the ropes and become a guide. Shortly after completing year one, she returned home to obtain her captains license. She finally found something to dream about again and fishing coupled with photography has been the highlight of her life since losing the dream of going pro in basketball. She can happily say that she's just completed her first season as a guide at Katmai Trophy Lodge and can’t imagine life any other way. If she could describe her perfect life, it would be to guide, chase fish around the world and take photos. Between kicking the first part of the year off in Belize with trips planned for Mexico, Guatemala and Argentina this year, Sage's 2020 sounds like it's going to be one for the books! 

Caroline Irwin
South Carolina

Caroline is married to her adventure partner and best friend (FF Ambassador Captain John Irwin) in Charleston, South Carolina. They have two children, and she loves her career in medical device sales. When she and John aren’t working, they’re fly fishing and traveling as a family to places they can take their fishing gear. In fact, they've got a few solid trips coming up this spring and summer - from skiing in Jackson Hole to a family fly fishing trip in Montana. Caroline also enjoys cooking, music, painting, and teaching other women how to fly cast. She was raised to believe she can do anything without barriers and she aspires to have her children know the same thing. Keep up with her at @csmithirwin


Christina Legutki



Saltwater fly fishing has introduced a new world to Christina — fishing is no longer just her interest, it’s an entire lifestyle. When she’s not on the water she can be found hosting women’s casting events through the Mangrove Outfitters Fly shop. With such a great turn out, they are continuing to host a bunch of Ladies fly tying nights and more casting events specifically for Women! To learn more, give Christina a follow or check out Mangrove Outfitters Fly shop the next time you’re in Naples. If you’re in town, she’ll will be hosting a women’s casting event on International Women’s Day at 4:00pm. 


Jenny Tates

Jenny is the founder of FlyandFlow, a women’s fly fishing company with the mission of bringing together all levels of female anglers on the water and creating further opportunity for women within the fly fishing industry. A huge highlight for her in 2020 is a bucket list trip to Argentina where she'll look to cross Golden Dorado off of her dream species list (Got to say, that one is on ours too!) Jenny's other life passions include a tremendous love for animals, hot sauce, wine, and meeting interesting and passionate people from all different walks of life!

Jessie Williams

Jessie moved to Colorado from Texas in 2014 looking for new outdoor adventures, and found no shortage of new hobbies with her pup, Boone. In her free time she can be found trail running, fly fishing, backpacking, and camping off hard to access 4x4 roads. During the work week Jessie works as a recruiter and advisor for a design school. She plans of spending a week exploring in Alberta this summer and making the most of every weekend warrior mission she can. Keep up with her on instagram! @jadubya


Stay tuned in the future as we plan to highlight individuals from this amazing group to take you for a closer look into all of their exciting happenings this year. A special thanks goes out to all of the incredible women out there who support Free Fly and make us who we are!