Just in time for our favorite season in the Lowcountry. Meet our newest release of custom designed hats and tees, inspired by mornings searching for unridden waves, days lost on island time, and nights spent sharing stories around the beach fire. Scroll on to get a look at our new spring accessory launch: the Make Waves Collection. 


Palmera Tee

When the surf at the Washout is flat or the fish in the creeks aren’t biting — an empty beach and a cooler full of cold beer can be just what the ole' island doctor ordered. Featuring a soft-hand screen print on our custom tri-blend tee, the Palmera Tee lets you take those island vibes everywhere you go.


First Light Tee

First Light Tee 

We can’t think of a better way to start off the day than racing the sun out to Folly for a dawn patrol surf session. The First Light Tee salutes all you early morning chargers and features a soft-hand screen print on our custom tri-blend tee. No surf to charge? No problemo amigo, hang out, get out, and push the board around in this new Free Fly tee. 


Make Waves Tee

Make Waves Tee

Whether through our time spent in the HQ or weekend boat runs down Folly Creek, our story is one of making waves both on and off the water. This spring, we invite you to join the movement with the Make Waves Tee. Featuring a soft-hand screen print on our custom tri-blend tee.


Drummer Hat

Our latest hat with a custom redfish print is designed for weekend beach days and afternoons spent bouncing around downtown. The Drummer Hat features an unstructured 6-panel twill dad hat with premium embroidery. (And don't worry... you don't have to be a dad to rock this).


Cruiser Hat

It's time to head to the beach in style wearing the new Cruiser Hat. Featuring a custom Free Fly surf graphic with premium embroidery on an unstructured 6-panel twill dad hat. Pretty cool right? We think so too. 


Clean Waves Snapback

Our latest structured 6-panel trucker with a custom wave graphic patch and tri-color design. The Clean Waves Snapback pays homage to what we hope to see every morning when we roll up to our favorite break: clean waves. That means a clean break and of course a clean beach. Pack it out people and keep our beaches and oceans clean. 


Palmera Snapback

Comes with good vibes and a laid back mentality. Our latest unstructured 5-panel nylon snapback with a premium design embroidered patch. The Palmera Snapback is quick drying, perfect for days spent on the water, and of course it pairs well with cold beer. Load up the truck and go. 


Sonar Snapback 

Sonar: noun: a system for the detection of objects under water and for measuring the water's depth by emitting sound pulses and detecting or measuring their return after being reflected. (Sounds pretty legit...) Our new and personal office favorite, the Sonar Snapback is a classic structured 6-panel trucker with a premium Free Fly logo patch.