It's true, moms deserve all the credit. Our love for the outdoors, our style, our skills, the travel bug — let's face it, we got it all from her. She’s shaped our journeys, picked us up when we were down, and she’s always there to listen. Her motherly care even drifts outside our own lives to help and love so many others in this world. Thanks Mom, we can't say it enough!

There is no doubt that your mom was the original wave maker in your life and it's time to give her the credit (and the day) she deserves. From breathable women's pull on shorts to bamboo flex dresses, we have something for every mom! For this Mother's Day (which should really be everyday), we caught up with a few of our ambassadors to hear about the mom's in their lives and a few things they've learned from her as well as which womens apparel products they'll be sending their moms this year! 


FF Fishing Ambassador Christina Stoneburner Legutki

My mom is the most real person I know. She is strong, funny, opinionated, thoughtful, and loves her family more than anything. Possibly the most important skill that she has passed to me is guiding me to be the best mom to my own two boys. For Mother’s Day, I’m getting her the bamboo Racerback Tank. Living on the beach in SW Florida, it’s mostly always tank top weather. The bamboo material is lightweight and a flattering cut on everyone!

Pictured above: Christina and her mom on one of their special mom/daughter days.


FF BBQ Ambassador Michael Letchworth

My mom passed away when I was four from breast cancer. My stepmom has been everything a mother should be. I consider her my mom and would never refer to her as anything less. Thanks to her, my love for cooking for friends and family stems from her.

Pictured above: Michael hanging out with his stepmom, probably after cooking up an awesome bbq meal together.


Kent Inline

FF Surfing Ambassador Kent Segnious

Though my mom would be thrilled to have me close to home in Charleston, she has been ever supportive of my wanderings, my life abroad, and I could not be more thankful for that. My mom instilled in me my first acts of environmentalism. From a young age, we would be walking into a grocery store, beach, anywhere, she would have us all pick up at least three pieces of trash before as we were coming or going. It was a game then, but it helped shaped the ideals I hold today. For this year’s Mother’s Day, I’m definitely sending my mom the Free Fly bamboo Flex Henley.

Pictured above: Kent's rad mom and dad in the good ole' days. 


FF Fishing Ambassador Erin Courtney

My mother-in-law is my best friend and has shown me beauty in this world that I would have never seen or understood without her. She has taught me to listen openly without judging, love all as you wish to be loved yourself, and cherish every moment in life whether it’s big or small. We’ve been growing orchids together since 2015 and participate in local and far away shows around Florida. I can’t speak for all mom’s, but I know for a fact my momma bear would love the comfort and style of the Women’s bamboo Dockside Dress.

Pictured above: Erin and her mother-in-law out for a fun day fishing for reds. 


FF Staffer Patricia Hoekstra

My sister, Mary Ann, is a mother of three (ages: 4,2, and almost 2 months). Our mom sparked my sister and I's love for being in the garden. And today, my sister shares this with her kids by encouraging them to be outside the (literal) dozens of roses. To keep her comfortable while she's out in the backyard pulling weeds and tending to her flowers with her kids, I'll be sending her the Utility Shorts.

Pictured above:  Mary Ann outside with her kids sharing the love for being in nature.